Daniel Burns

Daniel Burns is a seasoned digital strategist with over 25 years of experience driving growth and efficiency for businesses of all sizes. His unique blend of technical expertise, a multicultural background, and a passion for innovative solutions makes him an invaluable asset in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Daniel's journey began in Brazil, where he developed a foundation for cross-cultural understanding. He honed his strategic thinking at the University of Miami, further fueled by his adventurous spirit. As an avid reader and enthusiast of extreme sports, Daniel's experiences sailing across the Atlantic and cycling through Europe underscore his ability to think creatively and tackle challenges head-on.

For over two decades, Daniel has collaborated with executive teams to maximize technological potential, resulting in increased revenue and streamlined operations. His diverse clientele – including celebrities, venture capitalists, and major corporations – highlights his adaptability and success across various sectors.

Daniel understands the unique challenges smaller businesses face in the digital arena. He's committed to crafting tailored strategies that deliver outsized results, even with limited budgets. His expertise encompasses audience analysis, optimal channel selection, and budget-conscious execution – transforming your digital presence into a powerful growth engine. Daniel is the lead digital strategist at Boulder SEO Marketing. His unwavering dedication to knowledge-sharing is evident in his frequent speaking engagements at industry events.