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An Impactful Redesign That Positioned ZenArts as a Leader of its Segment.

ZenArts needed a responsive website that was as grandiose as the live experience of the shows it produces.

ZenArts creates custom and interactive event experiences for Fortune 500 companies, medium and small businesses. It also brings performers to existing productions such as festivals and famous artists’ shows. The old website had been done in Flash, thus it wasn’t responsive, and it didn’t allow indexation on search engines. DBurns had then the challenge to change it to an indexable and responsive platform, but still keep the design interesting and highly interactive. It was very clear for DBurns’ team that the new website’s user experience had to be as unique as ZenArts’ live shows and that its design had to be more than attractive, it had to be spectacular!

Inspiration + Hard Work
= Award Winning Results

ZenArts had a very rich collection of photos and videos and DBurns took great advantage of that by doing a thorough screening of every single one of them and selecting the ones that were the best representation of the show.

ZenArts’s uniqueness was reflected in every aspect of the new website. By mixing colors, illustrations and textures with photos and video backgrounds, each and every page was a showcase of ZenArts’ magnificent experience. That, combined with a very unconventional, but yet, highly intuitive responsive navigation, created a user experience that, not only boosted engagement, but mainly motivated viewers to hire a show. Social sharing sky rocket with the new design and implementation of social sharing buttons. Finally, the new site had ZenArts come out of the shadows!

The company gained considerable market share and is now one of the leading company of its segment. You can see their award-winning site at

  • A new design that did justice to Zen Arts’ spectacular live experience

    Zen Arts’s uniqueness was reflected in every aspect of the new website.

  • Fully responsive website optimized to any mobile device

    We adjusted and tested Zen Arts website to provide the same excellence in the UX in any mobile device.

  • Illustrations based on the Art of ZenArts to adorn the website Pages

    With the rich material ZenArts had available, our designers created one-of-a-kind illustrations use as backgrounds.

  • Award Recognition

    The results of this inspiring work granted DBurns the honor of receiving 6 awards and 2 nominations.

  • 6

    AWARDS +

  • 300%+


  • 100%+


The results of this inspiring work granted DBurns the honor of receiving 6 awards and 2 nominations.

With the redesign, the new ZenArts website enjoyed increased visitor engagement, impacting the business and the overall competition in the performance industry they are in. The result of the combined efforts in the interactive and exciting UX, superior Design and responsive Code, granted DBurns 6 awards and 2 nominations, in the categories of Visual Appeal, Entertainment Design, Web Graphics, and more.

You can view the new Zen Arts site at


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