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Nikki Sharp

A Result-Focused Digital Strategy that gave Nikki the Strong and Fast
 Brand Recognition she sought.

Nikki’s main goal was to attract more followers, increase the number of visits to her existing website and mostly gather more contacts and leads. 

Once international model, Nikki’s own health journey led her to become passionate about helping others create a balanced and fulfilled life through food, exercise, and mental health. She turned this passion into a career, and is now a certified Health Coach – and has become a leading Wellness Expert, appearing on a variety of TV shows.

Initially, Nikki had two websites — a bio website, and a healthy habits content website. The visits of both websites were extremely low, so we advised her to get rid of her bio website and incorporate its content into one unique website. The goal with this strategy was to concentrate all traffic in one website, linking Nikki’s personal background with her current mission, while optimizing SEO results and Google ranking. We also created a new Logo and Visual Identity, giving her brand a younger, lighter and fresher look & feel that reflected her healthy philosophy.

With a new Visual Identity and one unique website, our challenge was now to work on a digital strategy that would help her achieve her goals: Increase significantly the visits to the website, reach more than 100,000 followers on Social Media, acquire new contacts, and ultimately, generate new leads.

A result-focused digital strategy
that surpassed all initial goals.

We worked with Nikki on a Digital Branding Strategy and defined how to portray her Brand on the different digital channels. Based on that, we started working on both organic and paid campaigns, creating relevant posts, e-books and white papers – promoting them strategically through targeted Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad Words, and Landing Pages.

Nikki Sharp’s campaign was extremely successful and we are proud to have surpassed each of her initial goals. In 6 months, we have achieved more than 300,000 followers, acquired more than 53,000 new contacts, and generated more than 9,800 leads. Nikki’s new app, was also  the # 1 most downloaded app on iTunes on the day that it launched as a result of this strategy.

  • New Logo and Visual Identity

    Reflecting Nikki Sharp’s healthy philosophy and Brand, the new Logo was applied in different mediums and objects to assure it is versatile and future-ready.

  • Two websites turned into one

    Dburns merged two websites into a unique, responsive one, completely redesigning the concept and linking Nikki’s personal image to her health coach one.

  • Strategy that brings results

    The Marketing Strategy created for Nikki Sharp resulted in record breaking download rates for her new paid e-book, with over 9,300 downloads.

  • #1 Most Downloaded App

    Another great result of DBurns’ Marketing efforts was Nikki Sharp’s App being the #1 most downloaded app on  on iTunes on its launch day.

  • 300K+


  • 53K+


  • 9.8K+


Nikki Sharp is the example of what happens when thoughtful Branding, Design and the right Marketing Strategies are combined into sharply aimed goals.

All the combined efforts contributed to Nikki’s Brand increase in exposure – resulting in more fans, more followers, more leads, more purchases, and contributed to her appearance on TV, e-book sales and even her physical book sales – besides being #1 on the App Store for paid App downloads in the respective category. You can see the website at



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