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A strong and reliable community, built from scratch, starting from a creative and solid branding concept.

The Challenge: To create a strong new brand that conveys Insedia’s young and innovative concept, while maintaining a credible and reliable position.

It can be easy to get lost in the vast sea of digital information. That’s why it was key for Insedia – an online community and information channel – to build a strong brand that would make it stand out, and convey its unique value proposition: A company that is not only an information channel, but an aggregator of reputable minds and experts who are able to discuss and respond to specific and crucial issues that the community presents. A community of millennials who are overwhelmed with important financial decisions and need a unique place where they can get the support they need and give back by sharing their experiences.

The new brand had to speak with its core audience of millennials, and a secondary audience of news/media professionals who seek stories and data they can promote thorough their own channels. Thus, DBurns defined 6 core concepts that needed to be translated in the new brand’s visual identity: Information, New Paths, Ideas, Connection, Sharing, and Community.

Above all, the new brand had to convey the idea of a powerful community whose members can assist one another. The core mission was summarized with the concept: INFORMATION + SHARING = SOLUTIONS.

After a thorough competitive analysis, sketches and and extensive design development process, a unique brand was born. The lightbulb represents the ideas, solutions, and light that the community brings. The filament of the bulb, represented by the share symbol, brings out the concept that, by sharing information, light is shed on the entire community. On the bottom of the light bulb, the “i” represents how information is the foundation of the brand – and the foundation of this community. The same “i” is also seen on the logotype.

The new logo is unique, powerful and functions across any media or promotional material. DBurns was also in charge of the creation of collateral materials and website design.

  • The Logo

    With the concept info + sharing = solutions, the symbol created is a combination of different concepts uniting into one unique message.

  • Applications

    Different applications were considered to test the new logo in size and readability – including how eye-catching it would be in social media Apps.

  • Stationary

    DBurns created a one-of-a-kind set of stationary items – including a double-sided letterhead and a translucent business card.

  • Brand Manual

    At the end of the design phase, DBurns supplied the client with a Brand Manual, to help guiding any future application of the new Brand.

  • Responsive Website

    DBurns also created a fully-responsive website that connects the millennial audience in discussions that culminate in real solutions.

  • New

    Logo & Brand

  • New


  • New


Ready to connect – and to find solutions

With a new Logo, New Stationary, and other branded assets – including a complete set of social media backgrounds and avatars – Insedia is ready to step into the spotlight with the new upcoming website, that will revolutionize how millennials find solutions for their common – but prevalent – problems. The new website can be seen at


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