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Fighter Diet

With the right action plan, the results can be amazing – like the results for Fighterdiet, that grew 300% in one year.

Fighterdiet wanted a website that would help them grow their business, sell more of its products, while growing its customer base.

Fighterdiet’s purpose was to appeal to all levels of fitness users, however the website visual and messaging did not address to all of its audience needs and taste. The company was receiving complaints from users about not being able to find products and blog articles. The checkout process was done through a third party application which caused Fighterdiet to loose a considerable amount of sales, as people were not sure if it was a legit site. As a result of these issues the website was having very low conversion rates.


A powerful redesign generated powerful results.

DBurns unveiled two clear audiences: Athletes and Fitness, and created a segmentation on the site completely tailored to each group. With a unique design concept and the right page structure users could now find what they were seeking to learn and to purchase. By implementing a secured internal checkout system, users felt safer to make purchases and brand credibility increased. Fighter Diet’s core values and properties were strengthened by featuring founder and athlete Pauline as the face and inspiration of the company, as well as an entire page about the brand’s support to the Armed Forces.

DBurns created two blogs tailored to the different target audiences, and established a co-relation between the articles and the products, generating a cross-selling opportunity for blog readers. Aside from the regular social sharing on all blog posts, DBurns incorporated Facebook Connect Comments into the blog area, so that comments would be shared in users’ timeline news feed increasing social reach.

  • Clear Audience Segmentation

    We helped Fighterdiet cater to two distinct audiences: athlete, that focuses on building muscles, and fitness, that is focused on achieving a fit, lean figure.

  • Unique Design & Easy Navigation

    The User Experience was then modeled to cater to each audeince needs, making the content easy to find and the site easy to navigate.

  • Increased Exposure with Social Sharing

    Each blog area was enabled with Facebook Comments – what resulted in an increased social exposure and attraction every time a comment was posted.

  • 200%


  • 1032%


  • 5000%

    IN ROI

“The website we built with DBurns last September has by the end of this year generated approximately 5000% in ROI.” – Fighterdiet


With a better Design, better User Experience and a smart use of Social Tactics, Fighterdiet saw an increase in visits and engagement – what, consequently, led to an increase in Revenue and a impressive Return of Investment for the brand. With the boost enabled by DBurns, the brand continued its growth in the months to come.


    Beckmen Vineyards

    Branding, UX, Design and Marketing coming together to produce Award-Winning results.



    An Award-Winning Online Experience that makes justice to the source material.



    An Award-Winning Online Experience that makes justice to the source material.