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Alter Agents

An Insightful Branding & Digital Strategy solution that positioned Alter Agents as Shopper Experience Experts.

Alter Agents wanted a solid brand and website that would convey a clear message for their intangible, yet highly impactful business solution.

Alter Agents is a marketing research agency focused on providing shopper experience insights. Firstly, we identified the main target personas as being the CMOs of companies that deals with consumer products or services. We then studied the main drivers associated with Alter Agents’ services and narrowed them down to these 6 main drivers: Approachable, Direct, Flexible, Different, Insightful, Wisdom. These drivers were used as the foundation for the new brand concept and all visual communication assets.

A new Brand Concept & Website that gained visibility through effective Digital Strategys

The new logo was born, completely different from the competition, clearly conveying Alter Agents’ message and strengthening their positioning of experts in consumer insights. The symbol represents the buyer cycle, and the modern, vibrant blue color chosen translates the innovation that the company brings in its approach.

With the new logo developed, we then created the website with that same mind set: to present Alter Agents’ as experts in the industry, and to convey its message in an easy and clear way that would speak directly and effectively with CMOs. The website’s UX is highly interactive, having as little copy as possible, leaving pages with a very simple design that is easy to digest. Since Alter Agents deals with the intangible, we used abstract illustrations, with a 3D treatment, always related to the copy.

In order to boost web traffic and conversion, we created an effective inbound marketing strategy focused on e-books, white papers, landing pages, and social media management. As a result, Alter Agents achieved 3,461 visitors in the website and a 23% conversion rates to generate leads.

  • A logo concept that represents the core of business

    The logo’s main symbol was based on the buyer’s journey: the steps a customer takes before deciding to buy a product – the core of Alter Agents’ data insights.

  • Applications

    As we do in every branding project development, we tested the logo in different medias and backgrounds, showing how versatile and readable it is.

  • Effective UX and Unique Art Direction

    The site uses a selection of custom made 3D abstract illustrations, reflecting the intangible but crucial purpose of Alter Agents’ data and services.

  • Logo

    + New Site &
    Visual Identity

  • 3.7K+

    Visitors in
    4 months

  • 25%+

    Conversions from
    landing pages

A new Company, a new Identity, a great beginning.

The result of the combined efforts in Branding, Design, UX and Marketing set Alter Agents to a great start in their industry, attracting a completely new audience interested in their services and data – with conversions above 25% in the different landing pages created to attract and cultivate new leads.

You can view the Alter Agents website at



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