The DBurns Process
We have been fine-tuning our production process for over 20 years. The success of every project is directly related to our ability to create “Blue Ocean” opportunities and the skill to clearly present your message and unique selling proposition (USP).

Step 1 - Exploration & Discovery

DBurns’s consultants will setup a strategy meeting with key stakeholders from A&B Reporting, to determine the strategic direction for the new website. As we work through this process, DBurns will work with A&B Reporting subject matter experts to map out the various customer benefits unique to A&B Reporting that can be leveraged to enhance the user experience on the new website. The result of this session is to determine Your new company’s perception of customer challenges and pain points, which will enable DBurns to address the following questions:

Goals: How will you know if your site is successful? What are the quantifiable and measurable metrics your organization will use to agree on success?

Position: How do you want customers to perceive A&B Reporting?

Engage: How would you like your customer to interact with your brand?

Audience: Who is your target market and audience?

Site Map: The site map will demonstrate the organization of your pages and how a user will navigate through your website. DBurns will lay out the structure of the site map based on the information gathered.

Step 2 - User Interface Design

Once the blueprint for the site has been defined during the discovery phase, the next step is to create the visual style. The organization’s brand plays an important role in this part of the process, as designers will want to visually convey key brand perceptual ideas within the design. As a result, we can develop memorable user experiences that drive user behavior.

DBurns will work closely with the designers at A&B Reporting to give the necessary direction. All designs will be provided by A&B Reporting.

Once the initial design is defined, DBurns will then customize the structure, navigation and page layout to be a perfect fit to achieve the goals of the campaign. At this point custom coding to the theme is implemented to make sure every page and functionality is optimized for user experience.

Once the new structure is fully approved, then DBurns will custom design every element of the new website. We will also convert boring boxes of text into beautiful and digestible content.

The final result of this process is then sent to programmers for back end implementation.

Step 3 - Programming & CMS

Any necessary custom coding will be implemented at this time into the front end and Content Management System (CMS). This system is a Word-like text editor that allows you to easily edit content without any HTML knowledge. Here are just some of the things you can do using the CMS: Edit text, format font color and size, set indentation and alignment Insert links, images and videos Import and clean content from Word Create tables and lists Use the multilevel undo/redo to revert to old versions of the content

After the website is 100% complete and before going live, DBurns will perform one last usability and performance test to ensure that the website will perform to your organization’s expectations. Finally, after tested and approved, the project is launched for your organization’s use and benefit


Our Content Management System will give you control over all content areas of the website. This system is flexible, easy-to-use, open source software. Technical aptitude and knowledge of HTML are NOT required to maintain and manage the content on your site. Our CMS uses a WYSISYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface similar to Microsoft Word. The CMS separates content from code so that it is impossible for you to accidentally break the system layout.

Step 4 - Post Launch Usability Testing

Once the website is launched, usability testing begins. For a period of 4 weeks after launch we will be closely monitoring the activity and usability of the website. Activities will include:

Heat Mapping and Eye Tracking
Are headlines delivering the impact you need? Are customers clicking where you want them to click? Are CTAs prominent enough? Using visual analysis, we can understand the true value of a page to a customer.

User Journey and path Analysis
It’s one thing to build a great site, but how are your customers actually finding it? Understanding the customer journey through the site and uncovering any potential barriers to conversions can prove to be very profitable.

Our process includes conducting a gap analysis between the original planned goals and the actual activity within the application. We monitor how long it takes a user to understand the purpose of the site or to complete tasks, such as finding content, form completion, registration and other defined tasks. The number and severity of mistakes the user makes are reviewed.

User comprehension and confidence levels are assessed at the conclusion of testing. When all user response data is compiled, DBurns Design will compare it to the site’s intended user responses in order to identify opportunities and make appropriate changes to the website to improve the overall user experience and increase on-site conversion.

Discovery & critical factors to success

Success for this project will be directly related to our ability to create these “Blue Ocean” opportunities and the ability to clearly present your message and USP. DBurns understands the key steps to accomplish these goals. Critical elements DBurns will work with you on during the Discovery phase include:

  • Objective: How will you know if your project is successful? What are the quantifiable and measurable metrics your organization will use to agree on success?
  • Position: How do you want your target audience to perceive A&B Reporting?
  • Engage: How would you like your target audience to be engaged and interact with your brand? What value are you offering? Why choose to visit and interact with your website?
  • Scalability: Can the technology used adapt to the future? Will it work with existing systems?
  • Usability: Is it easy to use based on the different types of users?

DBurns will work with you to answer these questions and make this project a success.

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