Tech Industry Updates – Social Media News

The month of April has been full of news, from tragedies of war and bombs to scandals in airplanes, there are plenty of news feeding our inboxes and timelines.
In our intent to give you some useful insights on the tech industry, we looked into the social media world, and we found some articles worth reading:

1. Instagram Bookmark

We, at DBurns, believe content is precious and should be purposefully used. Instagram created the bookmarks, and now people can save posts privately, here is just another reason why you should deliver useful content to your audience, in a way that they will want to keep your posts. Read full article here.

2. LinkedIn Lead-gen Ads

If you are thinking about using LinkedIn as a channel for your marketing strategy is great to know that the company has launched lead-gen ads, which aim to reduce friction with lead-gen forms and improve marketers’ mobile conversions. This change was necessary due to the vast engagement via mobile. Here is the full article.

3. Snapchat Self-serve Plataform for Ads

We love to see the companies developing to better serve the consumers. Snapchat has not being in a good place fighting with Instagram Stories, but they are trying to improve the way ads work. Read more here.

4. Instagram and Snapchat for Influencers

If you are thinking about hiring Influencers and where to do it, here is an article to take in consideration.
Always take in consideration your goals and target audience and do what works best for your company.

5. Facebook’s AI assistant: M

Artificial Intelligence is evolving, and it’s closer than you think. Facebook’s AI assistant, known simply as M, will now pop into your Messenger chat windows to suggest actions it can take on your behalf. Read the full article here.

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Tech Industry Updates – The Importance of Video Content

Once a month, we at DBurns will look for updates in the Tech World that we think is relevant and will share them here with you. This month what caught our attention was the move companies are making regarding videos and how important they are becoming in a company’s content strategy.

Facebook launched a video app for Apple TV

If you spend a considerable time of your day watching funny videos on Facebook, and we know some people do, how about enjoying them on the big screen? Alternatively, if you save recipes and exercises videos and never watch them back, maybe here is a push for you to do it. If you do not do any of that, just consider that there are lots of people doing it and to invest in creating fun, touching videos to attract your target audience is becoming more and more a very good idea.

Small Businesses Shift Marketing Spend to Digital

Small Business in the US are planning to spend more on digital marketing in 2017, according to Thrive Analytics research and among the main areas that will be affected by that is digital video, together with mobile and paid search. Here at DBurns, we love to help companies to make the transition from traditional to more digital.

HubSpot and Brightcove Join Forces to Deliver More Individualized Video Analytics

HubSpot and Brightcove are partnering to provide a service that will help us understand better what happens when people are watching our online videos, and who those people are. Having good analytics in place is crucial to measuring your efforts in a way that they can become efficient and lucrative.

Gmail can now stream video attachments on the desktop

Now Gmail can stream video attachments on the desktop. We, at DBurns, see this small change as a big help when it comes to email marketing since people will not need to leave their email to watch the content.