Don’t Over Complicate Your Small Business Marketing Plan

As a small business, it’s critical to be efficient with your budget. This could not be more applicable than with your small business marketing plan.

No doubt the life-blood of surviving and thriving in this competitive economy is getting in front of new potential clients and bringing in new business. With this as a primary driver, what areas should you focus on to effectively generate leads to drive business?

If you are looking to grow your leads, here are a few tips to keep your small business marketing uncomplicated but still highly successful:

Have a Compatible and Responsive Website


Digital marketing consists of a number of different things. From website design, social media and organic SEO to mobile and location, SEM and more, when it comes to generating leads… a lot goes into it – but you won’t be putting out nearly as much money – and consider that this money that you will use is basically money going wasted on outdated tactics in the first place.

Don’t over-think it. That’s what the experts are for. With so many devices, varying screen resolutions and orientations, you have to be sure to hire a team that can provide your consumers with an online experience that is well-working across the board on all forums. It also needs to be easy to navigate to avoid customer frustration because frustration, after all, can cost you the sale.

Let Your Content Speak for Itself


Today’s internet user is already well versed in researching what they need. What they don’t want is suggestions. They want the actual solution. If you are confusing, even a little bit, your lead is going to lead themselves elsewhere.

You don’t need to publish a novel on your site to be an authority. Just think of questions that your customers might have and answer them truthfully. This is a very endearing aspect of a company. Also, always be sure your contact us button is nearby your questions. This way you do not lose a lead due to an unanswered question.

Go Back to the Power of Email Marketing


Email marketing is back and it doesn’t take much to get back in the game. This is a cost-effective method for reaching your audience but you still have to have a creative strategy to capture the attention of your niche. As a small business, with so much on your plate it can be tempting to do just enough and move on. This is not an place to do that. Do the research, invest time and resources in creating email campaigns and you will see a tremendous difference in the response. Just know if you aren’t doing it well, your competition is.

Tune into Social Media


Staying in tune with people on social media can help you get new business. People are looking for solutions, not to being oversold. Some businesses miss the mark by pushing their sales agenda. Pay attention and solve people’s problems. Contribute in related communities, build yourself as an authority. This builds trust and will draw people to you and your business.

Marketing your small business doesn’t have to be a full time job. With a little know how and a modern mindset, you’ll see new leads and more revenue in no time.


SEO is an Investment That Grows Your Business!

Search Engine Optimization is something we have all heard about, and it is considered good business to use SEO as part of effective professional website design. If you have not already introduced it as part of your marketing strategy, it’s time for you to get started.

Here are 5 reasons your website design and marketing strategy should include investing in effective SEO now.

1.  It Takes Time to See ROI – Get Started!


Well executed SEO can be very effective in creating excellent return on your investment. In fact, a recent survey shows that 94 percent of online marketers who have used SEO long enough plan to maintain current SEO budgets or increase them. The bad news is that most professional agencies charge clients thousands a month and that is understandably intimidating.

Considering all the benefits one can derive from SEO done right, the high price paid for SEO adds up to increased brand reputation and visibility, greater search traffic and referral traffic. All of these multiply exponentially over time which means increased ROI.

2.  Golden Age Of SEO


It may be true that some people would like to return to the era when black hat tactics and manipulations still worked. Those were the days when competitors could displace you and your brand with some underhanded strategies. As time goes on, search engines will become more effective with their evaluations of the quality of content and user experience. Don’t let yourself miss out, get involved right away before the potential for search visibility begins to decline as digital assistants and immediate answers take over search engine territory.

3.  Reap Greater Rewards By Compounding Returns Over Other Tactics


Compounding returns works because of the permanence of every action you take, each link you build, and every bit of content you post. This increases your search visibility and authority, grows your social followings, and the longer your content strategy continues you will reap conversions and referral traffic.

The sooner you start building your reputation and compounding your interest growth, the sooner you will reap the rewards.

4.  Don’t Let Your Competitors Pull Away


There is a significant cost to waiting too long to start utilizing SEO, particularly when your competitors already use it. The more time it takes you to get involved, the more you’ll lose out on high ranking positions for lucrative keywords and the more effectively they will build their defenses around their positions. Additionally, they will add more targeted keywords to their tactics and increasing their rankings.

5.  You’ve Nothing to Lose So Give It a Try


Don’t be intimidated by SEO agencies that try to get you to sign a six months contract or longer. You don’t have to do that since there are others that let you dip your toes in to see what you can accomplish. You have options. Talk to professionals, establish a budget and get started. Again, the results take time but you can make adjustments as you go. The sooner you get started the better your ROI will eventually be.

Don’t let the competition get ahead of you. It only gets harder to beat them the longer you wait.


When it comes to Email Marketing, we use Mailchimp

Digital marketing is a complex arena, and your business must master a number of tools to see truly fantastic results. Several new and exciting resources have hit the market in recent times. However, it’s one of the oldest methods that forms the heartbeat of turning online interest into converted sales. Even in 2017, email marketing is king.  

 It might be an old concept, but email marketing has evolved massively over the years. Nowadays, there are many providers offering services built to generate the best possible result. Of all the solutions out there, MailChimp is our preferred option by far. Stop monkeying around, here’s what you need to know about the operator.  

What does MailChimp do?  

A successful email marketing strategy can be one of the most effective solutions in the digital arena. It offers entrepreneurs the chance to directly advertise products and services to their customers in a relaxed way. MailChimp sets out to help clients maximize their returns by ensuring those newsletters hit the mark time and time again.  

MailChimp allows users to create an array of newsletters, using varying templates and embedded media to stay fresh and on a brand. With the ability to save templates and info too, it’s a fast and efficient way of reaching your audience with a personalized and powerful touch.    

MailChimp makes sending newsletters and email correspondences to the masses easier than ever.    

 Getting to grips with MailChimp:

One of MailChimp’s great selling points is the fact that it’s so easy to use. When composing a newsletter, it’s important to remember that first impressions are everything. A simple drag and drop email creator allow for immense control and versatility. Adding text, images, dividers, and social media buttons can be completed in a matter of seconds. This ensures that the appearance hits just as hard as your punchy text.  

Managing campaigns is very easy too, thanks to easy reporting that illustrates the success and failure of a newsletter in easy terms. From checking how many times an email was opened to how many internal links were clicked, the data is clear to see.    

The client portal is very easy to navigate too while you can also encourage automation and other time-saving elements too. For a fast, pleasurable experience, MailChimp is the only email marketing service needed.  

What are MailChimp’s key features?

MailChimp serves the purpose of creating and monitoring newsletters better than its competitors. One of the main reasons for this is that it offers some brilliant features. These include:

  •  Time zone recognition. When you tell an email to be delivered at a time, it will adapt to different time zones to enable greater optimization. In a digital world where audiences can be universal, this tool is perfect.
  •  RSS to email automation. This means that your blog posts will automatically be emailed out to your audience, increasing engagement and traffic.
  •  Perfect integration with WordPress, Eventbrite, Survey Gizmo and other external platforms. Not only does this save time, but it also reduces the chance of mistakes and poor organization.   
  • A/B testing. If you’re caught between two ideas (such as email headlines), you can send each option to 20% of the audience. The results gained from comprehensive reports will then show you the best route to take for the remaining 60%.

The Conclusion

MailChimp is easy to use, creates beautiful designs boasting every media type you could ask for. Moreover, it works perfectly alongside WordPress and other key website creation tools. It even integrates with other marketing resources while reporting enables for the best results.

If that wasn’t enough, the service is free when sending emails to a list of fewer than 2,000 subscribers! It automatically removes subscribers that send your emails to their spam folder too. Reaching your full potential in the field of email marketing never seemed simpler.


How our PPC strategy got Insedia’s name out there

Our campaign for Insedia demonstrates how important and how useful it can be to use trends and politics to market your brand. Insedia is a community that allows people to discuss things and share advice relating to financial issues. The aim is to settle people’s lives through advice and community support. People can collect information on a particular issue and discuss it in order to produce good results.

When we first started working with Insedia, the aims was to get more people to join their community. To find out how we did this successfully, and much else besides, carry on reading.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is always one of the very first stages of this kind of process. To get more people heading over to Insedia’s website, we had to make sure that we created relevant content that could then be promoted via the company’s social media channels. On top of that, it was promoted via a Google AdWords campaign. The aim of all this was to get more people interested in what the company was saying. This then helped to drive more traffic towards the company’s website via social media platforms and search engines.

Using Topics That Are Trending

It’s important to look at what topics we focused on when creating this content as well. By using topics that are trending, as well as hot political topics, you can get people interested in what you’re saying. People experience these things each day, and they already have a vested interest in them. So, when you start talking about them, people are bound to sit up and take notice. When working with Insedia, what we focused on most of all was the issue of student loan debt. This is a real issue that’s been in the news and directly impacts a lot of people. And that’s why producing content about it helped boost engagement.

Taking a Stand

When you make the most of these trending topics, however, you have to do more than just talk about them. Anyone can do that, but if you go a step further, you can really get people interested. This means taking a real stand and making it clear what your company’s attitude is towards certain social, trending or political issues is. Activism is not something that your brand should run away from. By sticking your colors to the mast, you can really get people talking and growing fonder of your company.

Using AdWords Keyword Tool

To be successful, you also need to know exactly what people are looking for. There are online search tools out there that you can use; the best of the lot is probably Google AdWords Keyword Planner. When you know what your theme or topic is, you can use this tool to assist your online marketing efforts. By using the tool, you will be able to build a list of useful and reliable keywords that your business can use time and time again. Don’t underestimate how important this can be when you’re looking to raise brand awareness.

What you need to know about Pinterest ads

If you want your message to reach a receptive audience, now might be the time to start using promoted pins on Pinterest. This allows you to show people your products directly, and with the help of the Pinterest Ads Manager, it’s easy to create and manage your ads too.

Why Should You Use Pinterest Advertising?

It Can Persuade Browsers to Become Buyers

Browsers are important when you’re promoting your company’s products online. But the ultimate aim should always be to turn those browsers into buyers. That’s what strong promoted pins allow you to do with ease.

Your Traffic Will Receive a Boost

If you want to get more people heading back to your website from your social media channels, promoted pins offer a great way to do that. You can include links back to your site and drive more people to the place where online sales happen.

Pins Result in More Inbound Links

Each of the images you post on Pinterest will include a link to your site. For businesses looking for more ways to spread inbound links, this is something that simply can’t be ignored.

User Engagement is Massive on Pinterest

Of all the social media platforms, most people see Pinterest is being the one with the highest levels of user engagement. People who use Pinterest love to share, and if you have strong content, it can go viral quickly.

It’s a Great Platform for Following Trends

As a business owner, you need to know what’s trending and getting your target customers exciting. Pinterest is a great platform for doing just that. You can see what people like and model your promoted pins accordingly.

Pinterest Can Integrate with Other Platforms

One of the great things about advertising on Pinterest is the fact that you can integrate it with all of the other platforms you use. This includes your company website, Twitter and Facebook.

The Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Do Make Adjustments

It’s important to be prepared to make changes to your ads. If the visuals you use aren’t striking a chord with your audience, you won’t get the success you want. So, change them up and try something new.

Don’t Use Horizontal Images

Vertical images are much more suited to the layout and design of the Pinterest platform. If you use horizontal images, they will not be interacted with nearly as much, so you should avoid them.

Do Target Specific Audiences

Targeting is a big part of the Pinterest advertising experience. If you are not using targeting techniques properly, then you’re making a mistake. You can target people according to location, gender, device, and many other things too.

Don’t Create Spammy Pins

This is a mistake many businesses make. You should try to avoid things like hashtags, and anything else that makes your pins look a little too spammy.

Some Extra Advice to Keep in Mind

Right now, promoted pins can only be used in the US, and you need a business account to make them. This can be done by setting one up pretty easily, or just converting your existing Pinterest account into a business account. Prices vary depending on the level of targeting you use, and numerous other factors. So, research the costs before you dive in.

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Tech Industry Updates – The Importance of Video Content

Once a month, we at DBurns will look for updates in the Tech World that we think is relevant and will share them here with you. This month what caught our attention was the move companies are making regarding videos and how important they are becoming in a company’s content strategy.

Facebook launched a video app for Apple TV

If you spend a considerable time of your day watching funny videos on Facebook, and we know some people do, how about enjoying them on the big screen? Alternatively, if you save recipes and exercises videos and never watch them back, maybe here is a push for you to do it. If you do not do any of that, just consider that there are lots of people doing it and to invest in creating fun, touching videos to attract your target audience is becoming more and more a very good idea.

Small Businesses Shift Marketing Spend to Digital

Small Business in the US are planning to spend more on digital marketing in 2017, according to Thrive Analytics research and among the main areas that will be affected by that is digital video, together with mobile and paid search. Here at DBurns, we love to help companies to make the transition from traditional to more digital.

HubSpot and Brightcove Join Forces to Deliver More Individualized Video Analytics

HubSpot and Brightcove are partnering to provide a service that will help us understand better what happens when people are watching our online videos, and who those people are. Having good analytics in place is crucial to measuring your efforts in a way that they can become efficient and lucrative.

Gmail can now stream video attachments on the desktop

Now Gmail can stream video attachments on the desktop. We, at DBurns, see this small change as a big help when it comes to email marketing since people will not need to leave their email to watch the content.


Shepard Bros – Social Traffic Increased over 300% in 4 months

At DBurns Design, we’re an online marketing company that’s focused on delivering results for our clients. Recently, we worked with a large chemical suppliers company called Shepard Bros. They’ve been in business for over 40 years, and thought it was time to redesign their site. We realize that a business website is extremely important. It acts as a window for potential customers and says a lot about your brand.

As such, we began re-designing their site with the intention of creating something that generated more traffic from various sources. One of the secrets to this successful SEO campaign was web 2.0 link building. If you don’t know what this is, then allow us to explain things in this article. We’ll run through the importance of web 2.0 link building, along with the benefits it can bring an online marketing company looking to improve web traffic for a client. To finish off, we’ll show you how we used this technique in the Shepard Bros case.

What Is The Importance Of Web 2.0 Link Building?

Link building is one of the oldest SEO tactics around and is all to do with the concept of building backlinks to a website. The more links you have directing people back to a website, the higher it will rank. Web 2.0 link building involves building links on web 2.0 sites – these are sites set up for the sole purpose of creating user-generated content, such as various social media sites and blogging platforms.

The importance of this SEO is method is that it allows you to build links on sites with high domain authority. All web 2.0 sites have this, which means you’ll get backlinks from authority websites like Twitter or Facebook, etc. When a site has high authority backlinks, it will only serve to boost it up the rankings.

So, Web 2.0 link building is important as it’s one of the best ways to generate links from authority websites.

Benefits Of Web 2.0 Link Building
The key concept of web 2.0 link building is that you create your own web 2.0 sites to build links from. You can set up blogs on different platforms like WordPress or Tumblr, create unique content, and link back to the target website naturally.

There are many benefits to this strategy, and we’ve listed the key ones down below:

  • Cost Effective: Web 2.0s are free for you to make, which makes this method incredibly easy on your budget. Creating a blog on a site like Tumblr doesn’t require you to spend any money, and you still get authority links because Tumblr is your host.
  • Safe: Web 2.0 link building is completely safe and adheres to all of Google’s link building rules, meaning you’ll never get penalized.
  • Multiple Links: Perhaps the best benefit of web 2.0 link building is that you can link to your website many times across different authority sites. You can also link to it on the same site, just in a different piece of content.

How DBurns Used Web 2.0 Link Building On Shepard Bros
As you can see, this method has lots of benefits that will help a website increase traffic. At DBurns designs, we utilized it as best as we could to help Shepard Bros develop a new and improved website. To do this, we started by structuring the website so that each page targets its own set of highly relevant keywords.

Then, by using web 2.0 link building, we utilized these keywords as best as we possibly could. If each page has a set of keywords, it makes it easier to include them in content on web 2.0 sites. We slipped keywords into the content, making it look natural from a user perspective. We made sure to add a hyperlink to the keywords, thus creating high authority backlinks to the Shepard Bros website. The more links we built, the further the site rose up the rankings.

After as little as four months we saw some incredible site statistics that showed off the success of our SEO campaign:

  • The number of website sessions increased by 45.08%
  • The number of users increased by 18.77%
  • Page views increased by 42.15%
  • Session duration increased by 37.5%
  • Organic website traffic increased by 29%
  • Direct traffic increased by 50%
  • Referral traffic increased by 85%
  • Social traffic increased by 344%

While SEO is a long term strategy, it speaks volumes to the effectiveness of our work that we saw such amazing statistics after just four months. If things carry on in this vain, who knows what the stats will look like in a couple of months time.

Why Citations Matter for your Online Marketing?

If you’re new to marketing, you might be wondering what citations are, and why they matter so much for your online marketing. Search engines place a lot of importance on names, numbers, and addresses listed online for a physical business, which is why citations matter for your online marketing. Still confused? This guide is going to tell you everything you need to know.

What Are Online Citations?

A citation is defined as a mention of your business name and address on other web pages. Even if there is no link to your site, this is still called a citation. Google and other search engines want to ensure that the address you are listing online for your business is genuine so they can show good quality search results.

A search engine will take into account business citations to help them rank and show results accordingly. This could be any reference to your business name and address on another site, such as social media, blogs, websites, etc. If your name, address, and phone number (sometimes referred to as NAP) is consistent across these sources, the search engines have more confidence in the fact that your business is genuine.

The search engines have figured out that people can list a false address on their site in order to manipulate them. This is why citations from other sources can be extremely powerful. They have the means to do this built into their search algorithms, so they are going to know whether it is a genuine address or not due to the number of consistent citations from other sources.


An example of a citation could be an online yellow pages directory, where your business is listed but isn’t linked to. You can also find citations on the local chamber of commerce pages, or on local business association pages that include information on your business, but doesn’t link out.

There are a few different factors when judging the value of an online citation. These include industry relevance, local relevance, and domain authority. Industry relevance is the most important factor. An industry specific site is a strong place of a citation for the following reasons:

  • The search engines will have a clear idea of your industry and the services you offer.
  • As they are a specialist site, they tend to have a medium-high authority.
  • They will usually rank highly in organic results for specific terms and make for a better source of targeted leads for a business.

As local or regional directories tend to have less focused content and less targeted traffic, the quality of citations is typically less than industry specific directories. They do give a clear local signal to Google, however.

Let’s say you want to rank as a Mississippi Car salesman. Google will often take into account the center of the city, so if your offices are located near what Google regards as the city center, you’ll have more chance of showing up for people who type in location based keywords. This means your physical location can have a huge impact on the results shown.

Why Are Citations Important to SEO Performance?

Citations are a key element of the ranking algorithms in Google. If you took 2 businesses where every other factor was equal, a business with a higher number of citations would likely rank higher in the search engines. Citations that come from well-established portals help the search engines to become more certain of your business’ contact information and categorization. Citations are good when in the right places but can harm a site if they are placed on the wrong sites. In short, citations help search engines to confirm that the business is exactly who they thought they were.

Citations become particularly important if the niche is less competitive. For instance, a plumbing niche. Many service providers don’t actually have a website, so a citation can be very powerful in this case. Citations validate that a business is a genuine member of the community. If a business is being written about in a local paper online or a county business index, it becomes clear that this is a genuine business. Citations from this type of page can improve your ranking online substantially.

How Can DBurns Help Your Business With SEO Services?

DBurns, a trusted online marketing company, can help you with your SEO services by securing 30 high-quality citations for you each month. A consistent number of citations listed on a number of respected sites can have a huge positive impact on your SEO. The great team at DBurns is transparent, diverse, and dedicated to clients. Let us help you!


Tips and Tools to Optimize Your Content

Using social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter is a great way to bring new customers. Knowing if you are acquiring consumers at a steady rate is a vital part of this strategy.

Acquiring new consumers is usually the goal as a business owner, along with providing good products and services. Using social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter is a great way to bring increase, but how do you know if you are acquiring these consumers at a steady rate? Here are four tips and tools that you can utilize in your efforts to get your content recognized by the masses.

Practicality of your Content

No one likes to read articles that lean toward narcissism. The content should be geared towards the needs and goals of the consumers you are trying to engage. You can use this to provide tips and how-to informational blogs or videos. There is nothing faster to lose your following than having useless information that does not benefit the reader.


You will want to widen content particularly around the topics and how-to’s that is being shared with your viewers. An amazing tool to use is Google Keyword Planner. This tool assists in your research to find related terminology so you are able to generate content around those specific keywords and terms.

Google Keyword Planner is similar to a workshop for when you want to build a new search network or add to the ones already created. It allows you to search for keyword and ad group ideas to see how well this keyword will perform. There is also a great feature that allows you to build keyword lists and to use them in conjunction with one another. Google Keyword Planner can be a major help in your development, you will need to keep in mind your budget and product along with consumer behavior, these areas can and will greatly affect the success of your content.


This paid tool will allow you to go through a keyword search for which keywords are most throughout content and search through the social media sites. Optimize your content for sharing by providing a view into what terms are popular and most used. This will help build the authority and your page rank through SERPs. Even being a tool that has a fee on a monthly basis most businesses find this to be extremely helpful, and most often the money spent does not go to waste. This tool may be utilized as often as you feel necessary.

Scribe is continually evolving as the search engines evolve allowing you to keep up on trends. Becoming widely known content marketing software, Scribe takes into consideration search engine rankings are driven by a great audience optimized content and social media exposure. Using original algorithms to remain ever evolving, Scribe certainly is a one of a kind tool.


Having a high authority will allow you to syndicate your content. You may utilize a webpage called Business2Community and AllTop to increase the amount of readers.  These sites will provide links and credit to where credit is due.

Business2Community is an open community where you will find people of a profession establishing and increasing their leadership in networks with similar people; providing webcasts, whitepapers, site functionality that enhances both provider and user of the information given.

AllTop assists in answering the all time most asked question, “What is happening in all topics that you partake in.” In summation, this could be considered the “magazine” on the Internet. AllTop being a starting point of information, the ultimate goal is to allow the reader to enjoy the content they are consuming taking you possibly from one page to another, helping in the discovery of pages they may not have known existed.

While this may seem daunting, it only sounds more difficult than it  is. These tips and tools have set you one step closer to your end goal in business, profit. Utilize and optimize your content so when you build your business up from the ground up you will later be able to look back and thank your past self for the hard work and perseverance.

Looking to optimize your content? We can help! Contact us and let’s discuss your content marketing strategy.


Using Killer Content for B2B Marketing

Many business-to-business (B2B) executives still don’t appreciate the potential of content marketing to attract new customers.

While many think of content marketing as a consumer strategy to drive social media followers on Facebook or Instagram, the same strategy with targeted content can attract business customers. The trick is to develop the right kind of content for dissemination over the right media channels.

Targeted Content Drives B2B Marketing

The old truism heard among online marketers is that “content is king” because it’s content that fuels the marketing engine. When you have terrific content, you can use it for blogs, bylines, social media posts, infographics, and other outreach media to generate a feedback loop. You start with an interesting blog post or idea, use that content to stimulate online conversation, and you keep the conversation going until you become a trusted expert. Then the conversation can turn into sales conversion – your online followers have come to know you and trust your insight so they become ready to buy.

With content as the fuel, you still have to build the marketing machine. Here are a few steps to create a content marketing program that you can use again and again for lead generation:

Set Your Objectives

What do you expect to achieve through a content marketing program? Do you want to increase sales leads? Build brand awareness? Launch a new product? You should have a clear idea of your goals before you start and establish a metric to measure success, such as the number of leads added to the sales pipeline.

Have A Target

Who are you trying to reach? Have a portrait of your ideal customer in mind so you know whom are you writing for. Creating a marketing persona that defines your ideal customer is a good way to help you choose the right content and topics to appeal to your target market.

Engage Your Followers

Once you have defined your target audience, you can use different strategies to get and keep their attention, such as social media posts, infographics, blogs, and online articles. The idea is to deliver content that is interesting and relates to your brand proposition.

Convert Followers to Leads

Once you build an online following you want to identify those followers who are likely to become customers. The best way to do that is to use mechanisms that ask them to volunteer contact information, such as exchanging an email address for a white paper of case study. Give them contact they can’t find anywhere else and ask for contact information to build your direct marketing list.

Determine What’s Working

Measure the results of your campaign; identify which channels work best and what types of messages carry the right appeal. Measure the performance of your tools against your conversion goals.

Refine the Process

Using the knowledge gained from your initial outreach program you can fine-tune the process to improve results. Any B2B marketing campaign is fluid and should be revised based on what works and what doesn’t. Be prepared to measure everything and revise your strategy based on what delivers the desired results.

Remember that it takes an average of 7 to 13 marketing touches to convert a prospect into a sales lead. For B2B customers, the use of creative content marketing will provide plenty of new information you can use to share with your prospects, and the more reason to reach out and talk to your prospects until they are ready to buy.

Contact us and let’s together work on the best content strategy for you company!