April 21, 2011 Daniel Burns

Since TuneTree offers an extremely specialized service, it required an extremely specialized website. The company provides music licensing rights to film and TV producers, and it needed a “one stop shop” for its current and potential clients.

DBurns Design implemented a neat solution to help users find what they need in TuneTree’s huge catalog – a set of modifiers that can be selected to narrow a search down to exactly the type and style of music required. Searchers can even whittle down their search by key and tempo.

Another convenient and powerful feature we designed was a user-customizable radio player. The company’s music can be sampled and saved without limit on the player, and arranged in any order desired. Lastly, as with the catalog modifiers, we built a set of selections allowing users to customize and download a contract perfectly suited to their licensing needs.

Traditionally, music licensing has been a long and arduous process. TuneTree’s website makes that process much more efficient and painless, allowing movie and TV producers to concentrate on what they do best – producing the entertainment we love to watch!


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