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DBurns knows what it takes to not only build a great website, but also what it takes to run it. Throughout the years, our clients have come to us seeking services beyond website development and design, like search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, blogging, ad campaigns and more. While we clearly understand and practice those principles, not all entrepreneurs do.

Beautiful websites are just that: beautiful, functional websites – which is great and important, but hardly enough for your endeavor to succeed in today’s online domain. But when combined with strategic marketing plans, engaging content, and disciplined execution, your online presence becomes a magnet for new business – which is always the main goal, and what we aim to do.


DBurns is the combination of award winning design, attention to detail, cutting-edge technology, focused Strategy and Customer-centric Digital Marketing – with our attentive, personal customer service, be it over the phone or on face-to-face meetings in our Santa Monica, California office.

We start by deeply understanding your business – which includes evaluating your offer, your industry, and your competition. From there, we will give you clear directions and suggestions on what it will take to achieve your goals and bring your endeavor to success – be it increasing sales, tapping into a new audience, or equipping you with the tools you need to launch and fund your Startup.

In a nutshell, our plan is quite simple: Plan, Design, Develop, and Market, in that order. By adding those four components to your mix, you will be ready to ignite your brand to new heights.


  • Your Business has potential

    Every idea has potential – but not all of them succeed. Most of the time, it isn’t because the idea was bad, but mostly because the approach wasn’t right, or something was missing.

  • Strategy is your most important step

    Like shooting an arrow in the darkness trying to hit bullseye, a business without strategy is destined to miss its mark. Strategy gives you the steps to take – and tells you when to take them.

  • SEO isn’t the #1 element you need

    People still believe that being on the first page of Google is all they need, and they will do anything to be on top. Google knows that, and they constantly change the rules that define who is relevant and who is not – which brings us to our next point:

  • SEO is a result, not a goal

    Forget all the tricks and hacks you learned that gets you on the top for search results; Nowadays, it is all about serving people well and keep them coming for more, with great content. SEO happens naturally from that. That’s why we also believe our next point:

  • Communication and presence
    are the pillars for success

    No business can afford to be a hidden treasure – and that’s just what your business is if you don’t communicate. Being active in social media, using online advertisement options and sharing articles with your audience is essential to be noticed.

  • Content is King

    The appearance, code, interactivity, cutting-edge tech, bells and whistles are important and a way to catch (and keep) attention – but none of that holds up if your content isn’t great. The focus should always be in what you are communicating, first.