The Ultimate Graphic Design Trends that Will Dominate the Web in 2021

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In 2020, the world experience a major shift towards digitalization as remote working was introduced across almost every sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As physical operations shut down or were paused for a certain period of time, one thing became very clear. Technology and virtual living is the way forward. With people spending a lot more time in front of their screens, graphic designers have a range of new opportunities to make an impact on the audience.

As a business owner, you might have chosen to play it safe with graphic design in the previous year and avoid experimentation due to global uncertainty and unpredictability. This can change in 2021. With various trends and styles making their way in the industry, designers may be looking to engage the audience in a different, more understated way.

You can check out a few of the ultimate graphic design trends that will most likely dominate the web during 2021 here.

Muted and Subtle Color Palettes

This year, it’s all about pale color tones and soothing pastels which can bring comfort a feeling of security. Graphic designers have found that consumers are finding the lighter colors more appealing as compared to the darker, bolder shades because they want to restore calmness to their lives. While you will find that subtle or muted color palettes are usually used by wellness, health, jewelry and beauty brands, quite a few others have or are opting for those in their graphics.

LinkedIn introduced softer colors on the home page, within the landing pages and data resources and infographics as well over the past year. As you can see below, the colors can appear comforting for most people struggling during a time of record unemployment and weak economy.

Similarly, Binto, which is a wellness and lifestyle brand for women have also chosen to go for pastels on its website in order to connect with their audience. The colors can really help bring positivity and clarity during a difficult period.

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Serif Fonts

This font style has become quite the trend recently and can already be seen within in social media designs, websites and even in letter-based logos or wordmarks. A number of brands and companies have and are also opting to go for the classic Serif fonts to grab attention and communicate with their target audience. The Serif fonts can actually portray a positive brand image in the market during this uncertain time and build consumer trust as well.

It so happens that a lot of content that is being produced right now is focusing on text as real pictures and videos are difficult to shoot in the current climate. By using the right fonts in your visuals, you have a higher chance of gaining the interest of the consumers and making an impact with your message.

Clear Visualization of Data

The visualization of data on social media and web pages is becoming clearer and simpler. In 2021, this trend will continue to grow as more and more businesses highlight their data and statistics in easy to understands charts, graphs and curated posts.

A clear data visualization can help you in making your point directly and without confusing the average consumer. It’s why content that is crowded with a lot of elements and numbers might not be appealing any more. Look at it this way. If you run a business in technology or electronics, you could share data about customer preferences and product popularity on your web page or social media accounts.

Different Geometric Shapes

There is a rise in the use of geometric, clear-cut shapes in web design as a number of designers find it easy to make an impact with them. So they can be to highlight an important message, a heading, quotes or for data visualization as well.

If you take a look at the designs of the websites below, you will see how effectively the shapes have been used to get the message to the audience. Builtbybuffalo has showcased their portfolio and incorporated useful statistics on their home page in attractive shapes. On the other hand, Ralph Lauren has opted to keep the focus on the clothing in their display.

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While it may seem that illustrations in graphic design have always been around, they might just be seen more commonly this year. Flat illustrations can actually be highly effective and have been a part of several design trends time and again. In fact, sometimes, one of the few ways to tell a brand’s story and get the attention of the consumers is through illustration in design.

Consider the visuals on Mailchimp’s web page for example. There are various illustrations that not only keep the target audience engaged but well-informed as well. You will also see the theme being adapted to the company’ social media accounts.

The Lighthouse Brewing Company is another company that has opted for such an element in design. Their website features an elaborate illustration which represents the brand in the best way possible and tells the consumer what they are all about.

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Icons that are Flat

In images, pictorials and any other visual content, flat icons work very well which is why graphic designers are likely to make good use of them through 2021. They make it easier for the consumers or viewers to keep track of data, follow important information and browse through various posts or pages.

Basically, you have a range of options that you can choose your flat icons from and incorporate them in your web design and social media content. So you could opt for something like Salesforce and use flat icons to highlight specific tools or services. Otherwise, there are many simple signs and symbols that can be featured in blogs, FAQs and infographics.

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Wrapping Up

Now, some of these trends may seem similar to last years and might even be. Minimalism have gone nowhere and is still very much preferred by graphic designers. It can be incorporated with any of 2021’s graphic design trends to make a strong impact. Other than that, the ultimate trends for this year have already started to make waves and will soon be dominating web and application design as well as social media platforms.

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