Download ALL your Google & Facebook data. It will blow your mind!
Dylan Curran about 1 year ago downloaded all of the data that Facebook and Google has ever tracked on him, and the amount of data he downloaded was MIND BOGGLING!
  • The Google data was the equivalent of 3 million Word documents
  • The Facebook data was about 400,000 Word documents
Do you know what info is in here?  Every place that you have been with your phone, all the time, every day.  What events you had in your calendar, which ones you went to, and which ones you did not.  All the videos you have seen?  All the pages you have visited?  Yes, it’s all in there… You can now easily download this data on yourself by using the links below – and be ready to be shocked… Download your Google data here Download your Facebook data here Download your Twitter data here For the complete article on how California is rewriting the law on online privacy – check out this great article.
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