Warner Bros. Brand New Logo

Just after Fox completed its logo redesign, another TV and Cinema giant is rolling out its new brand identity. Warner Bros, in collaboration with Pentagram agency, just completed a brand new redesign of their visual identity. Their new visual comes out in preparation for their 100th year.

The famous shield with the letters “W” and B” received a newer, flat design, without the more complex elements from the last version created in 1993.

The new shield was rebuilt based on the golden rule, giving it a more extended, slimmer look. The latest version also no longer uses the iconic band.

Pentagram stated that the new design was optimized to work on several types of platforms and screens. From small icons on mobile devices to large presentations like the iconic water tower at the Warner Bros studios.

The agency also created a second version of the logo with 3D elements to be used in individual projects. (But we don’t know what those projects are!) . And the Blue hue has also been updated to be a little more contemporary.

Along with the new logo, they created a brand new family font that will be used in moving forward.

Do you like the new logo?

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