Imagine a world of big brands with simple and monochromatic logos.
It is undeniable that minimalism has, over a long time, made fans all over the world. Some brands have adopted this style, pleasing some people along the way, but not others…

What if some brands went beyond minimalism to a simplistic, monochrome, almost lifeless design?

What would a world be like where Coca-Cola’s famous red and McDonald’s mighty yellow didn’t exist?

Check out this exciting project by designer Kunel Gaur that makes us further understand the real value of excellent design work in the process of creating effective visual communication.

Check these out:

The designer also isolated some logos from famous companies such as Google, Instagram and Uber and envisioned a similar approach, but with a vintage style:

< What do you think of this exercise?  Do you think a minimalistic & monochromatic future is ahead of us?
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