How Voice Search Impacts the Ecommerce SEO?

Let’s begin by stating a fact by Salesforce –

40% of the millennials are using Voice Search to its full effect before making any online purchase.

You read that right!

The fact has opened the eyes of many online marketers who earlier underestimated the power of Voice.

Apologies for the abrupt beginning, but that’s how the world of digital marketing is taking its shape around Voice Search.

The way consumers interact with their devices has changed – a change that has inflicted a trickle-down effect in the world of e-commerce.

Today, as we speak –

  1. 41% of all adults are using Voice Search on a daily basis
  2. Out of all voice-controlled device owners, 50% have made a purchase with one.
  3. Voice Search usage is the highest among the more technologically advanced sections of society.
  4. Online shopping via Voice Search is projected to witness a 20-fold increase by the year 2022.

Modern marketers should make Voice and AI-powered communications a priority when it comes to optimizing their e-commerce stores for Search.

Voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri respond to the queries made online with the help of snippets or featured snippets.

Not just that, there is a 75% chance that the response will come from the top results on the Google SERPs.

So, how should e-commerce stores tackle the challenge of Voice Search to implement an effective SEO strategy?

Well, the very first thing that every marketer should understand is that regardless of the fact that SEO is all about making Website Design Los Angeles rank higher, Voice Search SEO is very much different from traditional SEO.

Therefore, we recommend the modern online retailers to go through the following list of optimizations which will help them set up a website perfectly optimized for Voice.

1.Enhance Website Speed

Make sure your website loads quicker by using an impressive Content Delivery System, using a faster-hosting alternative, optimizing website images and reducing CSS and JavaScripts.

2.Get Onpage SEO on-point

You want your most important keywords to be put in front of the title tag and meta-description. Not just that, you must also include keywords in the headings and have the most important piece of content upfront.

3.Secure site with HTTPS

Google prefers providing information to its users from trusted sources. A robust security certificate like HTTPS will help keep your user’s connection to your website intact.

4.Increase Domain Authority

Voice Search will prefer responding from a website that has a good domain authority. To help you achieve a better domain authority, make sure you accumulate as many high-quality backlinks.

5.Optimize for Question Phrases

Understand that the users today make a voice search using phrases like “where can I buy the best fitness gears?” or “Which is the best sports shoe brand for tennis?” etc. When you optimize for such long-tail keywords, you automatically set your Los Angeles Web Design to rank higher for Voice Search.

By now, we hope that the concept of Voice Search and how it is affecting the world of e-commerce has pumped you up to start making changes to your online shopping platform. It’s better to anticipate the changes and participate by being proactive.

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