Leveraging Entry Pages to Convert More Leads

Another great tip that we have to leverage a lot of the traffic that we’re getting to the Los Angeles Website Design and converting those into more leads is understanding where that traffic is coming from. A big misconception that most people have is that the majority of the traffic is coming from the home page, and a lot of times that’s the case. But a lot of times, other pages on the website are getting just as much traffic and it’s important for you to treat that traffic accordingly.<br><br>

So this is how you find out where that traffic is coming in, on what pages, and then what you can do about that. If you log into Google Analytics, what you want to do is you want to click on ‘Behavior’ and under ‘Behavior’ you want to click on ‘Site Content’ and under ‘Site Content’, you want to click on ‘Landing Pages’. This is going to tell you a list of which landing pages in order of session, so how many people are actually entering these pages as the first page that they visit the website. On this example, for example, when you see this forward slash (/), that’s the home page. The home page on this website is naturally getting the most amount of traffic, but look at that. This blog post, it’s called ‘Difference Between Good UI and Bad UI’, that is getting 83 visits. That’s 25% of the visitors that are coming in to the Web Design Los Angeles are actually coming in through this specific blog post.<br><br>

The reason this blog post gets so much traffic is because it is so well optimized for that specific keyword. What we want to do is, we want to click and we want to go to that page and on that page, you want to make sure that as soon as people consume that piece of content, you have some kind of a downloadable asset or some related piece of information that you can provide to them to convert them into an email address. If this is a blog post that talks about the difference between good UI and bad UI, what I would do here is I would create an E-book saying, “These are five tips for you to follow to make sure that the design that you are doing follows guidelines for a good UI experience.” In that way, this traffic that you already are driving to the site, you’re able to convert into leads.<br><br>

So again, looking at which pages are the ones that are generating a lot of traffic is a great way to be able to know who they are and know what they’re looking for, and then be able to convert them into leads. Another here, if you go down to number four, then we have nine visitors that are coming in to the ’10 Steps to Improve UX’. Again, the same book that you do for UI, UX appear, I would put it on the same page again. It’s really understanding where that traffic is coming in and then giving them assets that makes sense to convert them into leads.<br><br>

Thank you for reading. If you need any help or ideas, there’s a link below the video that we can set up a strategy session, I’d like to help you come up with some ideas.

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