Don’t Over Complicate Your Small Business Marketing Plan

As a small business, it’s critical to be efficient with your budget. This could not be more applicable than with your small business marketing plan.

No doubt the life-blood of surviving and thriving in this competitive economy is getting in front of new potential clients and bringing in new business. With this as a primary driver, what areas should you focus on to effectively generate leads to drive business?

If you are looking to grow your leads, here are a few tips to keep your small business marketing uncomplicated but still highly successful:

Have a Compatible and Responsive Website


Digital marketing consists of a number of different things. From Los Angeles Website Design, social media and organic SEO to mobile and location, SEM and more, when it comes to generating leads… a lot goes into it – but you won’t be putting out nearly as much money – and consider that this money that you will use is basically money going wasted on outdated tactics in the first place.

Don’t over-think it. That’s what the experts are for. With so many devices, varying screen resolutions and orientations, you have to be sure to hire a team that can provide your consumers with an online experience that is well-working across the board on all forums. It also needs to be easy to navigate to avoid customer frustration because frustration, after all, can cost you the sale.

Let Your Content Speak for Itself


Today’s internet user is already well versed in researching what they need. What they don’t want is suggestions. They want the actual solution. If you are confusing, even a little bit, your lead is going to lead themselves elsewhere.

You don’t need to publish a novel on your site to be an authority. Just think of questions that your customers might have and answer them truthfully. This is a very endearing aspect of a company. Also, always be sure your contact us button is nearby your questions. This way you do not lose a lead due to an unanswered question.

Go Back to the Power of Email Marketing


Email marketing is back and it doesn’t take much to get back in the game. This is a cost-effective method for reaching your audience but you still have to have a creative strategy to capture the attention of your niche. As a small business, with so much on your plate it can be tempting to do just enough and move on. This is not an place to do that. Do the research, invest time and resources in creating email campaigns and you will see a tremendous difference in the response. Just know if you aren’t doing it well, your competition is.

Tune into Social Media


Staying in tune with people on social media can help you get new business. People are looking for solutions, not to being oversold. Some businesses miss the mark by pushing their sales agenda. Pay attention and solve people’s problems. Contribute in related communities, build yourself as an authority. This builds trust and will draw people to you and your business.

Marketing your small business doesn’t have to be a full time job. With a little know how and a modern mindset, you’ll see new leads and more revenue in no time.

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