How our PPC strategy got Insedia’s name out there

Our campaign for Insedia demonstrates how important and how useful it can be to use trends and politics to market your brand. Insedia is a community that allows people to discuss things and share advice relating to financial issues. The aim is to settle people’s lives through advice and community support. People can collect information on a particular issue and discuss it in order to produce good results.

When we first started working with Insedia, the aims was to get more people to join their community. To find out how we did this successfully, and much else besides, carry on reading.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is always one of the very first stages of this kind of process. To get more people heading over to Insedia’s website, we had to make sure that we created relevant content that could then be promoted via the company’s social media channels. On top of that, it was promoted via a Google AdWords campaign. The aim of all this was to get more people interested in what the company was saying. This then helped to drive more traffic towards the company’s website via social media platforms and search engines.

Using Topics That Are Trending

It’s important to look at what topics we focused on when creating this content as well. By using topics that are trending, as well as hot political topics, you can get people interested in what you’re saying. People experience these things each day, and they already have a vested interest in them. So, when you start talking about them, people are bound to sit up and take notice. When working with Insedia, what we focused on most of all was the issue of student loan debt. This is a real issue that’s been in the news and directly impacts a lot of people. And that’s why producing content about it helped boost engagement.

Taking a Stand

When you make the most of these trending topics, however, you have to do more than just talk about them. Anyone can do that, but if you go a step further, you can really get people interested. This means taking a real stand and making it clear what your company’s attitude is towards certain social, trending or political issues is. Activism is not something that your brand should run away from. By sticking your colors to the mast, you can really get people talking and growing fonder of your company.

Using AdWords Keyword Tool

To be successful, you also need to know exactly what people are looking for. There are online search tools out there that you can use; the best of the lot is probably Google AdWords Keyword Planner. When you know what your theme or topic is, you can use this tool to assist your online marketing efforts. By using the tool, you will be able to build a list of useful and reliable keywords that your business can use time and time again. Don’t underestimate how important this can be when you’re looking to raise brand awareness for Web Design in Los Angeles.

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