Session Recording and Heat maps with Hotjar

Understanding your website visitors is essential these days. And this is what tools like Hotjar aim to help you with. If you want to find out more about it, read on now.

What Is It?

To put it simply, Hotjar is a suite of analytics tools that helps you with the collecting of qualitative data. They take things like user polls, heat maps and funnel tracking, and they bring them all together in one package. Having them together in the same place makes them easier to use and manage. Once you know where your visitors are clicking and how they’re interacting with your site, you can make changes to it.

It’s all about looking for new ways in which your business can improve its online presence. You can’t do that if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. Website Design Los Angeles enhancement and continual improvement are two of the things that these tools allow. One of the best tools offered by Hotjar are the heat maps, and you can find out more about why they’re so useful by continuing to read the Hotjar information below.

Why Do We Like It?

What makes Hotjar stand out from the rest is the way in which the package is so well-rounded. Sure, you can get plenty of apps that offer the individual things provided by Hotjar. But none of them bring all of these different tools together in one place and make it so easy for users to take advantage of them. This is why we use Hotjar and love what it offers us. We can use Hotjar in a variety of different ways, adapting our usage according the needs of our clients and their budgets.

No matter how or why you want to use Hotjar, there will be a plan option that suits you. There are not many apps or services that you can say that about. There are other tools out there, and it’s always a good idea to compare them to make sure that you are choosing the right analytics tools for you. Look at what Crazyegg Inspectlet and Mouseflow have to offer.

How Does It Help Us In Our Job?

When you’re using a service like this, you want it to help you with the work you do every day. Hotjar helps us to improve our conversion rate, as well as the overall user experience we offer. This is what’s most important to users, and that’s why it’s so good to be able to use tools that have a direct impact on those things.
So, how does Hotjar help us to improve things like the user experience and conversion rate? They do all that by providing the best metrics and data, which can then be used to make tangible improvements to our website. The most important metrics for us are user clicking behavior, mouse movement, and scrolling. These metrics and the data we get from them help us to understand users so much better. In turn, this leads to changes that improve outcomes.

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