What you need to know about Pinterest ads

If you want your message to reach a receptive audience, now might be the time to start using promoted pins on Pinterest. This allows you to show people your products directly, and with the help of the Pinterest Ads Manager, it’s easy to create and manage your ads too.

Why Should You Use Pinterest Advertising?

It Can Persuade Browsers to Become Buyers

Browsers are important when you’re promoting your company’s products online. But the ultimate aim should always be to turn those browsers into buyers. That’s what strong promoted pins allow you to do with ease.

Your Traffic Will Receive a Boost

If you want to get more people heading back to your Website Design Los Angeles from your social media channels, promoted pins offer a great way to do that. You can include links back to your site and drive more people to the place where online sales happen.

Pins Result in More Inbound Links

Each of the images you post on Pinterest will include a link to your site. For businesses looking for more ways to spread inbound links, this is something that simply can’t be ignored.

User Engagement is Massive on Pinterest

Of all the social media strategy platforms for small business, most people see Pinterest is being the one with the highest levels of user engagement. People who use Pinterest love to share, and if you have strong content, it can go viral quickly.

It’s a Great Platform for Following Trends

As a business owner, you need to know what’s trending and getting your target customers exciting. Pinterest is a great platform for doing just that. You can see what people like and model your promoted pins accordingly.

Pinterest Can Integrate with Other Platforms

One of the great things about advertising on Pinterest is the fact that you can integrate it with all of the other platforms you use. This includes your company website, Twitter and Facebook.

The Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Do Make Adjustments

It’s important to be prepared to make changes to your ads. If the visuals you use aren’t striking a chord with your audience, you won’t get the success you want. So, change them up and try something new.

Don’t Use Horizontal Images

Vertical images are much more suited to the layout and design of the Pinterest platform. If you use horizontal images, they will not be interacted with nearly as much, so you should avoid them.

Do Target Specific Audiences

Targeting is a big part of the Pinterest advertising experience. If you are not using targeting techniques properly, then you’re making a mistake. You can target people according to location, gender, device, and many other things too.

Don’t Create Spammy Pins

This is a mistake many businesses make. You should try to avoid things like hashtags, and anything else that makes your pins look a little too spammy.

Some Extra Advice to Keep in Mind

Right now, promoted pins can only be used in the US, and you need a business account to make them. This can be done by setting one up pretty easily, or just converting your existing Pinterest account into a business account. Prices vary depending on the level of targeting you use, and numerous other factors. So, research the costs before you dive in.

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