5 Reasons Why Customers Love Product Videos

Video sharing websites like YouTube have pretty much taken over the world. Rarely does a day go by when you haven’t seen a video. Fortunately, video content serves a practical purpose too, and an explainer video can be a crucial addition to your website.

Product explainer videos are becoming more common. More and more businesses are discovering that this medium has the capability to reach out to a whole new demographic, and customers tell businesses that this is a great way to communicate with them. So why do customers love explainer videos so much?

Customers are lazy

In a world where everyone expects everything NOW, the written word is becoming a bit of a drag. Why sit and read 1000 words on how to install a software program when an explainer video allows you to point, click and listen? An explainer video is likely to make a much smaller dent in your customer’s available time, which is why they always go down so well. You are literally saving the world, five minutes at a time.

Explainer videos make hard stuff easy

Some products may not immediately connect with your customers. Sometimes you have to, well, explain things a bit. That doesn’t mean that your customers are stupid. It just means that they may have a lot on their minds and that they are juggling different thoughts. Explainer videos can make complicated products look easy. Why write about a unique selling point when you can show your customers a unique selling point in real life?

They’re easy to share

Your customers love to share stuff. They always have. Social media did not invent the concept of sharing. Sites like Facebook just made the process a whole lot easier. With explainer videos, your customers can now show their friends what they have seen with a couple of clicks. Great explainer videos can go viral. That’s great news for your business and it’s great news for customers who want to share ideas and update their friends.

They can be fun

Explainer videos should be informative AND fun. A sense of humour goes a long way here, and your customers will appreciate it. Explainer videos are a great way to demonstrate how innovative your business can be, and customers respond really well to this. When visitors to your website click a video, they expect you to entertain them. With the right content, your customers can forget they are learning something and just have a chuckle.

They work on any device

It doesn’t matter how good your website developers are, there are so many browser and operating system combinations out there that things still go wrong. That means that customers can still struggle to read text, especially if they are using a smartphone or tablet. With a video, they can watch and listen wherever they are, whatever device they use. That makes the content truly universal and means that your customers could be reading about you on the train, in the bath or when they should be doing other stuff.

Explainer videos make a great addition to your website. What’s more, with expert agencies on the market, they can be inexpensive and easy to develop and add to your site. Whether you are launching a new product or driving growth in your existing products, start thinking about adding explainer videos to your website. Why put things in words when a quirky video can be so much more effective?

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