Email Marketing Basics

Email marketing is taking businesses to the next level; reaching out to potential customers wherever they are in the world. It is powerful stuff, and thus, it is important to use it responsibly.

Below is a list that talks about the good, the bad and the ugly sides of Email Marketing.

Would I like to receive this?

That is a great question which you must ask yourself at the end of every email you are aiming to send. Sounds plain and simple, but potential clients need to feel enticed with clever and diligent copy rather than feeling like we have unfairly sent them SPAM.

Don`t Become An Innocent Spammer!

There are a lot of people out there who do not understand the basic principles of email marketing and will become a customer’s worst nightmare. Below is SPAM explained in its simplest of forms:

Usually, you are allowed to send emails to someone who has volunatrily asked to be on your mailing list i.e. they have given their consent to receive your emails. Spam comes in to play when consent hasn’t been given and endless emails end up in a person’s inbox leading to unhappy potential customers.

Make It Easy For People To Subscribe!

The most important part of email marketing is getting potential clients to sign up to your mailing list. What would happen if this was nearly impossible to do? The answer is simple; your mailing list would consist of you & only you.

An easy way to increase the number of subscribers is by making the whole process of sign up easy and practical for your potential clients. It is also crucial to spare a thought for the technophobes out there, who may really want to be part of such a revolutionary campaign but simply do not know how to sign up! Basically, a less cumbersome process will definitely result in more number of subscribers.

Irrelevant Content

This may sound obvious to a trained professional but I cannot stress enough, how bad of an effect irrelevant content can have on your campaign delivery and its subsequent results. The main purpose of emails is to ensure that somebody is acting positively and not negatively towards your product/service. Why would someone want to receive “the top ten tips on health and beauty” when you opted in to receive “a revolutionary technique to capture wildlife”.

The worst thing you can do is send bulk emails to people who did not opt in, who haven’t interacted with your business or are simply not interested.  You can imagine the affect this has on open rates and clicks, a rise in unsubscribes and complaints are sure to happen.

In short email marketing is a powerful tool and with these few tips and general ‘Not To Dos’, you should able to target interested, enthusiastic customers who are actually excited about your offerings. In return getting you better clicks, open rates and conversions.

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