5 Steps to Improve Your Call To Action

Most of the sites I review have one major flaw; they lack a good call to action!   In effect this is one of the most important parts or the website as this is what will encourage a customer to use their products and services. Therefore it pays to ensure that what you are writing is effective and will entice their target audience to convert on your site.


Before you write your call to action check the content of your article. Make sure it is relevant to the final actions you demand of your reader. If it seems to contradict the content you have written then you are likely to receive negative feedback and it is more likely to achieve the opposite to what you intend.

Trailer Voice

Imagine you are going to the cinema. Usually there are commercials at the start of the movies enticing you to go and see other big releases. While there will be a lot of action during the trailer when it starts the enticement is usually at the end as it tells you when you will get the chance to watch this amazing movie and why it is something that you need to see.

It can often be as simple as “Coming this summer”. While it can be tempting to try and write something clever sometimes simple can be just as effective. After you have written something check and read it again and think to yourself “Would I go and see that movie?”

Equally remember the target audience- for example if it is for kids and it is about a baby chicken “Hatching this summer” or a similar pun is often something that will make them laugh and they will want to watch the movie.


One way to write a good call to action is to give people something else to look at. “Learn how to” or “learn more” by going here- this suggests that there is more information for people to find out.

The crucial thing is that it is direct and gets people intrigued to find out more. It is not always easy but you need to find a way to make the copy seem inspiring and that what they are looking at is something that they will want to be a part of. They may get to learn a new skill, find exclusive behind the scenes footage of a new movie or a special offer they cannot get anywhere else. It is vital that people know why they should click on as well as being encouraged to do so.

Try to find out if your client can offer any types of rewards- for example if they offer online discounts or another enticing offer that is exclusive to your particular link and will not be available elsewhere. If people think they are getting something exclusive that is not available on other websites they are more likely to click on to a link to find out more (people not only love bargains but also getting bargains that other people can’t get!)


A call to action needs to be quick and punchy. It should not be a whole paragraph long and ideally should not be more than a couple of short sentences. If there is a lot for people to read at the end of an article then they are likely to lose interest by the time they get to what it is that they are supposed to be doing.

Stand Out

There is an old joke that says “Avoid cliches like the plague.” Ideally you want your call to action to be distinct, whether it is the language used or what it links to. The best way to do this is to read a few articles about calls to action and read examples. Reading good examples will give you good pointers while it helps to avoid common mistakes.

In Short

Don’t delay- the sooner you implement effective calls to action on your website, the sooner you will see drastic improvements in your users experience and conversion rate.

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