A Guide to Blog Marketing

It’s no news that blogs are a great way to promote your business. However it does require knowing how to get the right kind of content. Whether you are writing one for yourself or getting a copywriter to do it for you it pays to know how to ensure blogs are written effectively and that they are best suited to your promotional needs.


It may sound obvious but an eye catching title is very important if you want people to take notice of your blog. Generally something simple like “5 top tips” or something along those lines will get people looking at and wanting to engage more. Think what would get your attention if you were looking it up online!


Try to be consistent- ideally you ought to do at least one a week. This will mean that people will know that you will have something to talk about. It is also easier as you can focus at that particular moment without constantly updating. It is also good to have a regular day when you blog as this is something that you can specifically promote.


It is wrong to assume that everyone will read your blog if they go on your site. Get the URL and plug it as much as possible! Don’t just post the link- tell people why they should read it, quote from it or ask for feedback. Posting the link in different ways will also reach out to a wider audience and will seem less like you are spamming websites (although it is still a good idea to avoid excessively posting links and it mixing it with other messages when on a social networking website).

Be A Guest

Guest blogging is an effective way of getting more hits while at the same time helping out a fellow blogger in need! For example someone may have their own blog about keeping horses. If you run a pet food store then you may want to do a guest blog about the kind of food horses eat.
Remember when you write a guest blog to include the URL of your regular blog and don’t forget to offer to return the favour (it’s only polite!)


Commenting on other blogs is a good way of showing that you are engaging with discussions. However this does not mean going to someone’s blog and using it to advertise your site as this will not go down very well!
To give an example say somebody posts a blog giving their opinion of the latest gadget. If you are a business that sells these gadgets you may have an opinion on this yourself. Remember to balance passion for posting politely (you do not want people to think you are being rude as this will reflect badly on both you and your business!)

Old Posts

While it is good to blog regularly there is something to be said for material that people can refer back to. For example people will always need to know how to deal with customer feedback or complaints. While the methods of how a customer can communicate their complaints may change there is still the need for people to deal with this in the right way. Therefore try to ensure you have as much material that can be referred back to as much as possible!

Name Dropping

If you get praise from people do not be afraid to mention it (and if possible link to their sites!) This shows that people like what you have to offer and equally it means that they are more likely to be a committed reader. It is also worth doing this if you need to mention someone in a blog (for example if you attended a trade fair you may want to mention people you chatted with on the day).

Long Term

It is naive to think that you will instantly get a regular audience for your blog. It requires a long term approach and building up an audience. As you become more confident and post more it will become easier to attract more readers.

In short if you are prepared to put the effort in (or if you can find the right company to do this for you!) then you can get the full benefits of your regular blog.

What challenges have you faced in writing a Blog? Do you have other suggestions not covered in this guide that may have worked for you?

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