Why You Should Inject A Little Spark Into Your Site

There’s a lot to be said for going that ‘extra mile’ for your customers, by adding a little bit of spark to your web or mobile application. Whether you seek to entertain, surprise or just delight your users, it can go a long way in the constant battle for keeping them coming back for more.

Take MailChimp, for example. Their mascot, Chimp Freddie, frequently pops up on the top of the page while you are using the app, to provide quirky and humorous phrases that help to inject some fun into the otherwise mundane task of creating marketing emails.

That cute little monkey provides the user with a momentary smile, laugh or subconscious relief, while reinforcing a positive image of the company in the eyes of the user.
While it’s a simple idea, it is also a very effective one. By giving your customers that little something extra, you can help to keep them around for longer.

Finding The Balance

Whatever you do, make it memorable. Make it unique and make it pleasant, not annoying. Don’t forget who your audience is. If you are creating something for an insurance or health company, then humor might not be the most suitable format to experiment with. However, a fun company that oozes energy, color and youth would be perfectly suited to a whimsical feature.

Something intriguing, like a mini-game or quest, a beautifully designed site with a unique user-experience or a humorous edge to your content can set you apart from the competition and sometimes, that may be all you need to convince someone to use your services over your competition.

However, finding the right ‘spark’ for your company is the hard part. Making sure not to go overboard while picking the correct tone or style is difficult and, of course, not everyone will agree with your taste. It’s all part of the uncertainty of running an online business. While some customers will delight in the attention to detail, others will run far from it.

Before anything though, you must ensure you have met the basic needs of your customers. No amount of humor or fun will excuse substandard service. Only after you have provided your customers with a great service and an excellent user-experience, can you think about adding that ‘spark’ which will set you apart from the rest.

It’s All About Image

At the heart of the idea is re-enforcing your brands image. How do you want your customers to see you? How do you want them to react and what steps do you want them to take thereafter? Are you targeting a young, fun audience, or a more mature, audience looking for something more serious?

It is important that you don’t mix these elements up, or you risk turning your brand into a joke.

Avoid complicating interactions too. If it’s going to change the user experience, or complicate it in anyway, you should leave it out. You want something that is prominent enough to be noticed and enjoyed, but never taking away from your applications original purpose.

The importance of adding something unique and memorable to your site or mobile app is that you add a human element to something without a face. Humor is especially good for creating a positive image and a human connection between companies and users and can go a long way in securing a sense of trust and building a relationship between you and your users.

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