A Website Design Company for all your Needs

We are a website design company that believes in professionals providing professional-quality web design for your business. There are a lot of hack-jobs out there offering discounted services, free services and a host of other unbelievable claims but it is just that – unbelievable!

Some things are just impractical and free websites are one of them, for a variety of reasons. Something else that is impractical are freelance designers who promise to give you a good rate and quick turnaround time on top of a top quality product. How can you be sure? The major problem with freelancers across a range of industries is that they aren’t accountable. How do you force accountability on a person you haven’t met, who doesn’t have a physical address or maybe who you’ve only contacted via email? What if something goes wrong or you aren’t satisfied with the end result? Chances are there is no real resolution out there for you. There is nothing forcing them to come back and repair their work and the worst you can do is write a few bad reviews here and there. The difference between a website design company and a freelancer is accountability – being well-known means you have a reputation to uphold and that is the foundation of our business.

A website design company can build your virtual business platform from the ground up. Whether you are providing services, products or information – if you need an ecommerce platform or a bunch of communication features, we can provide it. A company of dedicated individuals is a guaranteed way to place your businesses online presence in the hands of people who can deliver what you need and then continually help you to improve, modify or add to your site as your business grows.

Growth is the goal, right? That’s what we all want. You want to see your business prosper and flourish in ways you had not dreamed of but it won’t happen unless you conquer all aspects of the marketplace. Having a storefront or an office just isn’t enough anymore. These days you need to be battling in the online marketplace as much as in the real world to succeed. We are in an era of self-made millionaires and work at home moms who are blowing the roof off of home businesses. Your business needs to be integrated into the social media scene and actively participating in the virtual world to gain exposure. Many people are very wary of advertising these days so buying ad space isn’t enough. You need to be dealing out 20% advertising with 80% interesting content (that often is only mildly related to your business) to broaden your audience. As a website design company, we can help you by providing direction and personal experience.

We have been in website design as a company for a while and we have seen a lot. We know what to do and what to avoid and we can help you build that amazing website that covers all the bases and gets your business noticed. If you are serious about your online endeavors then contact a serious website design company to help you go all the way. At Dburns Designs it’s good business for us to build a good business for you!

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