A Website Design Agency Has More to Offer


A “website design agency” sort of sounds like a terrifying government body but they aren’t! Design agencies are above all else, your friends. Agency, company or firm, they all simply mean that we have a collection of really great people working together, consulting each other and competing to create the best possible product for the client.

The beauty of a website design agency is that it has all it needs under one roof. People who specialize in particular aspects of design, perhaps HTML code or multimedia are all accessible for anyone working on a site. Why wouldn’t you want to benefit from all those resources? When you hire a website design agency, you pay a fee for your product and all of that is included – it’s a great deal. You know what isn’t such a great deal? Building your own website – even if it is so-called “free.” Building websites is really fun, which is probably why so many people do it “freelance” but there is a lot more to it then throwing some pretty colors together.

It’s tempting to fall into the free-website trap because it seems like such a good deal but if you think you’re business is going to get any exposure with some inexplicable web address and irritating advertisements all over the place (courtesy of the free website provider) then you have another thing coming. Although they advertise free sites, they are in fact a business and in order to stay in business they need to make money. They do this by luring you in with the idea if “free” and then nailing you by limiting the capabilities of your site unless you pay to upgrade it. Oh, and then they charge you for a readable domain name and then they charge you for each of those things on an annual basis. With a website design agency all these fees are considered and managed into the single fee you pay so you never have to worry about it again.

After all the excitement of building your website wears-off, what do you do if you have technical difficulties or can’t figure out how to use a certain feature or add something significant to one of your pages? Chances are you will have to call a hotline and wait for someone who may or may not know what they are talking about to assist you. Perfect. Luckily we all love being on “hold” and talking to automated operators. The truth is you get what you pay for. If you want zero help trouble shooting, no customer service and you want to wing your design choices, layout and content, then by all means, use a free website template. For all others, a website design agency is the best choice.

Here at Dburns Designs http://localhost/dburnsdesign/we don’t claim to be your “only” choice, we know there is competition out there. What we will say is that we are you best choice for a website design agency. We have experience with all types of businesses and people – we will be able to bring you the website you’ve imagined, for less than you may think.

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