Los Angeles Web Design Experts Encourage Diligence in Personal Online Safety

Los Angeles web design experts create websites that are safe for consumers but extra care still needs to be practiced by consumers who use the internet.


Los Angeles web design companies specialize in creating websites that are as unique as the individual requesting it.  They know the best ways to reach thousands of people as new potential customers.  Along with the benefit of attracting strangers comes the risk associated with it as well.  Great care needs to be taken when creating a website to ensure that personal information is only used for its intended means.  When information is taken by the wrong person, catastrophic results can follow.  Internet security is an important part of today’s world.  As much as companies will take every precaution necessary to protect its customers and their customers, the onus is also on the website user themselves to make sure that they are not giving out information to the wrong people.


As a consumer, one of the most important things to look for when doing business transactions online is the start of the website address.  A website that starts with “http:” is a general web page and is not fully protected. It is available to the general public or by anybody that accidentally stumbles across its address.  Los Angeles web design companies will take extra precaution with sites that need to utilize personal information along with financial transactions. Websites such as these will start with “https:”or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) which provide extra security to users.  The information transmitted on these sites is encrypted, protecting the user from stolen personal data.  Never input credit card or banking information onto a webpage that does not provide this protection.


One of the most popular ways to keep in touch with friends and family has been online interaction. Social sites and forums provide easy and convenient ways to converse with others around the globe.  Los Angeles web design companies can give you direction on how to keep your information safe.  Never publicly display your name, address, birthday and image together on any webpage.  List as little about yourself as possible. By providing this information, you have given thieves everything they need for identity theft. By having your name and birthday, they are able to obtain credit reports as well as other relevant information about yourself. By also adding in your address and image, you have provided everything that is needed to locate you or impersonate you. This becomes even more relevant on social sites where users happily post information about their upcoming holidays and vacations. You have now given somebody your home address and the dates when it will be vacant.  Save that information until after you have returned from holidays and restrict how much detail you put publicly online.


Online advertising is part of the internet. After all, this is another way to generate business to your own website.  Your Los Angeles web design company can give you some fantastic ideas on how to generate more traffic to your own site by advertising on others.  However, from the consumer angle, be very careful on which links you follow.  When clicking on a link, hover your mouse over it and carefully read the URL it will be taking you too. Depending on the browser you use, it normally appears along the bottom of the page.  The actual link address is exactly where you will be going.  Be aware of links that do not seem to match the appropriate page or links that claim to be a part of the website you are on but take you to another site entirely. These types of links can leave unpleasant  information on your computer and long lasting issues.


When it comes to websites both the company and consumer need to take care that information is not sent to the wrong people.  Your Los Angeles web design company will have fantastic ways to ensure that the proper precautions are being used when designing a website. Talk to them to see that suggestions they will have for you.

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