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A blog discussing the prospect of professional web design careers.

Professional web design is a consistently growing field that is often on the cusp of internet innovations.  Web designers get to work with the newest templates, gadgets, fonts and layouts first, so they get exposed to what’s about to become trendy in the design world before everyone else does.  It’s an exciting field that offers the chance to do something different and creative with every new job.  While you may think that professional web design is a trend itself for careers, the online world is here to stay so the demand for people to design it and clean it up is ever growing.

Being handy with computers isn’t enough these days to begin a career in professional web design.  Most employers are looking for people with bachelor degrees in computer science on top of a lot of real time experience.  Web design is one of those jobs that not only requires a detailed eye and heightened sense of style; it also requires some savvy people skills as many professionals deal with clients face-to-face.  Things that will put you ahead of the curve in this field today are certificates in mobile application development but for now, experience in mobile applications trumps certification.

The statistics for professional web design careers look pretty appealing too. In 2010 most job opportunities, in the majority of US cities were offering more than seventy thousand dollars annually and some close to a hundred thousand.  The job market itself is also looking great, with more than sixty-five thousand jobs available in 2012 across the country; it seems like a good field to look into.  Another positive aspect of this career is that all those currently employed in the field report that they are highly satisfied with their careers and enjoy it very much.  Some things that contribute to this high rate of satisfaction are; working with creative people, learning opportunities are presented daily, it’s an accessible at-home job and the job and skills required change with each new client.

A good way to go about deciding if professional web design is something you may be interested in is to check out a variety of websites.  Look at the way they are organized, the multimedia they use and the features they contain.  If you have a flair for colors, organization and are naturally inclined toward techy things like, working with HTML and other codes, then professional web design might work for you.  One other thing you might want to take into consideration before you chase down this career is that it is competitive! There are established firms and freelancers all over the place so getting a foothold and establishing yourself can be a challenge.  Stay focused. Try to get your foot in the door with a professional web design firm in order to benefit from all their experience and reputation.  Going it alone as a freelancer will be really hard without a list of references and experience so skip the heartache and put some time behind the wheel as a lackey.   Once you have the experience and reputation you need, you will find that you don’t have to look hard to find clients of your own or to reel them in for your firm.

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