Website Designer vs. DIY Website Template

Discussing all of the benefits of using a professional website designer for the most efficient website that will climb Google rankings; ultimately maximizing sales revenue in comparison to that of using a DIY cheap, basic website template.

There are many reasons to choose a website designer for your website needs. One of the main reasons is the quality of the work.  Although there are multiple sites on the internet that virtually allows for anyone to create their own website with the click of a button, there are many restrictions.  You are very limited in the style and aesthetics of the website on these do it yourself sites.  While these website design sites are cheap and make the process easy, you will find in the long run that there are many benefits you are going to miss out on by not choosing to use a professional website designer.

The number one benefit to utilizing the skills and assets of a website designer is the customization and personalization that your business website will receive.  Unlike all the DIY websites, a web designer will be able to customize your page to your specific business needs.  Therefore, if you sell homemade crafts, then the needs of your website will be completely different then the website of a singing group.  The idea of being able to make a wish list of wants for your web page and someone creating them is much easier and attainable with a website designer rather than a DIY template.  On top of that, it is a lot less time consuming when someone else is designing your website.  This gives you one of the greatest benefits of all – the time to focus to run your business.

Another benefit of using a professional is the ability to move up in search engine results.  The internet is so full of information that it is very hard to be at the top of the list.  When a Google internet search is done for a specific service or product, you need to rank among the top three to get the traffic.  Website designers have the tools, know-how and experience to get your website to the top; increasing your chances of being seen when someone searches for the services or products you are offering.

Although the DIY websites claim to save you time and money by creating your own site, they can still be extremely time-consuming unless you have already done quite a few that way.  By using a website designer you will be able to save hours of your time and get a unique, professional and quality website that will attract visitors, retain traffic and increase the ROI’s your business gets.  Simplicity is what people need when looking at websites and website designers know the most appealing looks to use.

In the end you will see that although it is an investment to get your website custom designed and built by a website designer, it is definitely one worth investing in. This is your business, product, ministry or interest that you are trying to share with the world and you want it to look great.  In order to get the most out of your website and your money a website designer is the best choice to make.

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