Why a Website Design Firm Will be Your Saving Grace


It’s actually very true.  You either get on board with the flow of traffic or you are going to get left behind.  If it’s going to get you that extra business, then frankly, you can’t turn away from it.  It’s an electronic world and the beauty of something like a website design firm is that they can keep you current, without you having to lift a finger! So, I guess all those celebrities and aspiring models or closet poets are onto something.

Here’s a fun fact; we are now officially in a post-PC world, which means, traditional computers are considered passé. Yes, you were the generation that spawned the PC era of desktops and laptops fit for the home but did you realize you were also going to be the generation that would see that era end? So why do you need a website design firm again?  Well with the dusk of one era comes the dawn of another.  Sure, you might be thinking that laptops are still quite common, especially amongst students, but consider this – Who pulls out their laptop to look up a phone number or get directions? No one, people these days pull out their ever handy data phone or tablet and they have their info in a snap. It has become the era of tablet devices, in fact over 19 percent of the adult American population now owns a tablet of some sort according to the PEW Research Centre and eighty-five percent own a cell phone (98% in teens).  So what does this all mean for your business? It means not only do you need a website for your company but now you also require an app that can be purchased for use on a phone or tablet. You are now officially two-steps behind. It’s definitely time to find that website design firm.

The online world is a bustling epicenter for the latest and greatest or the tried and true.  Things change so quickly that bloggers and tweeters know before the national news because phone cameras are everywhere.  This just supports the fact that people and businesses need to be accessible via these handheld devices. Before tablets and data phones (even before the first website design firm) if your business had a website then it sent rudimentary, automated emails to your clients about sales or deals. Spam. Today, if a client likes your website, or you, or your product, they can simply index you on their device and get updates instantaneously. The days of waiting until they have a free second to hop online and check their mail are over. People are now constantly online, so you can constantly reach them if you have utilized all the resources at your disposal.  So what was it about that website design firm?  Oh yes, they are the people who are going to make you or your company available online, and help you if you want to build an app or transition into the next up and coming mode on the market.

We do this – we understand how quickly the scenery changes in the online world and that’s why we are here to help you. If you aren’t sure what you need, we are more than happy to have a consultation with you and brain storm the best way to represent you, your business and your product to the world.

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