Make a Great First Impression by Using a Website Design Firm


What do you want your online presence to say about your business? Some want to appear like they have a sense of humor, or maybe that they are long since established. Maybe they just want to look like all the other restaurant or oil and gas websites, but what every website owner is looking for is something that exudes professionalism: clean, ordered, drawing the eye most easily to what the customer is looking for and just being all around user friendly. A website design firm will specialize in making that ever important first impression all that it can be.

When you first encounter someone, especially someone you are about to do business with, there’s a subconscious list that forms in the mind, stretching across as many aspects as it can take in at once. What’s the cut of suit? Does the belt match the pants? Is there firm and consistent eye contact? How long did that hair take to put together this morning? How expensive are their glasses? And how about that handshake? When preparing to make the best first impression, none of these things are intuitive; they’ve all been taught through external stimuli. A website design firm is there to straighten the tie or question the skirt-length, fix the hair, and make everything presentable.

Of course, there is no use in a website that’s just presentable: it has to be functional as well; a balance between modern and modest. Clients have to be able to peruse the functions fluidly, and feel as though they are being guided. With great design, the website design firm leaves a helping hand, programmed directly into the layout of the pages, giving direction and holding up options about where to go and how to find what they’re looking for. This might all seem like magic, but the greatest trick fine website design has ever pulled is to be completely unnoticed. A good website is one where you don’t notice the design at all. There’s never a question of where to go or where you ended up, no confusion of how to get back to where you started; every option that should be available is readily so.

Now, while a proper foundation is more important than flare, this has only been the skeleton of a great website. A great website design firm will go a step beyond, and clothe the site with personality – with swagger – they’ll put you into the design and make the customer feel like they are already dealing with a person and not just a façade. With the right colors, the right lines, and some good photography, there is no end to the ways your business can appear among the pixels.

A website design firm can help bring out the best in your business. With the proper flow and appearance, your website will be the best handshake money can buy. And when you are finished shaking hands and complimenting your customer’s taste, there will be nothing left but to get down to business.

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