The “Hidden” Value of a Great Business Website

The look and feel of your business website is incredibly important, but the other half of it – the behind-the-scenes section that visitors will never see – matters just as much. Get the right programming or business package, and your site will be a business powerhouse; skip those, and you’ll have a nice-looking online brochure.

Here are three things your business site needs to have beneath the hood:

A great Content Management System (CMS) for updates and customization. There was a time when having a great content management system was convenient; now it’s a virtual necessity. If you want to make instant updates to your business website, without having to pay your web design team to make the changes, then don’t skip out on a great CMS. Not only does it make edits and additions a snap, but also preserves the great look of your business website in the process.

Online marketing tools. Having a great business website is one thing, but promoting it and attracting customers is a whole different (and just as important) story. Not only do you want to emphasize things like search engine optimization on any business website, but having access to tools like e-mail marketing is important, too. Remember that your online marketing plan will turn out being just as important as the design of your business website in the long run.

Access to detailed metrics and reports. In today’s business environment, it’s not enough to simply “have a hunch” that what you’re doing on your website is working. By tracking the visitors to your site, and generating detailed reports about where they’re coming from and what they’re doing on your pages, you can begin the essential process of turning more of them into buyers. Having the right metrics and information coming from your business website is the first step towards making it more and more profitable every month.

Great-looking business website designs are wonderful, and you shouldn’t let your company go without one. It’s just as important that you have strength “under the hood,” however, so don’t undercut the value of your site by going without any of these tools.

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