The Three Ways to Earn Backlinks for Search Engine Optimization

One of the hardest parts of the search engine optimization process, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, is generating backlinks to your website. Gathering backlinks can go quite a long way toward helping your search engine position, but it tends to be a long and tedious process.

With that in mind, business owners and search engine experts tend to take three different approaches, arranged here in their order of effectiveness:

By using link farms. If you aren’t familiar with the term, these are basically sites that are built just to link to one another. The major search engines caught on to this trick long ago, and so it isn’t very likely to help you, or your site. If someone you’re working with proposes this, just stay away.

By asking for links one at a time. This isn’t a terrible strategy, especially if you’re working on a coordinated campaign to gather links from others in your area or industry. Sometimes, a kind, personal note here and there can slowly raise the number of links to your site.

By posting great content that others want to link to. What’s so great about this approach is that, once you have generated a thought-provoking article, or maybe an informative video, the rest of the process generally takes care of itself. Why? Because others are going to link to you not because you asked, or as a favor, but because it’s good for their site, and their readers. Not only will this bring you a greater number of links, but also a lot higher quality.

When it comes to generating backlinks into your site for search engine optimization purposes, coming up with some unique and interesting content is always the best way to go. After all, what’s better than getting hundreds or thousands of links to your site without having to actually ask for them?

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