Google Chrome Tops Firefox as the “Fastest” Browser

Gomez, a division of Compuware, has named Google’s Chrome browser as the fastest of its kind, beating out such competitors as Firefox, Internet Explore and Safari. Gomez opted against structured tests and based its findings on “real world” usage, utilizing broadband connections.
As cited by TechCrunch, reports illustrated data that was compiled over one month, across 200 websites. The reports found that Chrome’s page-load time, at 3.43 seconds, was one-half second faster than Firefox. Chrome’s time beat out IE and Safari by a full second.
Firefox, however, narrowly beat out Chrome in the “perceived render time” category, with both Firefox and Chrome scoring far ahead of IE and Safari. That being said, the entire range of results for all browsers was approximately one second.
Some have questioned Gomez’s test and its results, noting that broadband connections vary greatly, thereby compromising the validity of any results. Since so many factors can come into play, some critics say that no definitive winner can be named in this battle.
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