IE6 Users Can No Longer Use WordPress

Joining a long list of sites that no longer offer support to Internet Explorer 6, WordPress can no longer be used on the dated web browser. The blog publishing platform is very popular with the general public as a primary tool for blog sites. WordPress announced this change as it rolled out its latest version, which features a simplified admin interface and a bevy of new user-friendly features.

If a user attempts to load up WordPress on IE6, they won’t be able to and will instead get a message prompting them to upgrade their browser. Other sites, like YouTube and Gmail, have abandoned their support of IE6 recently as well. Like these other sites, WordPress found it was taking too much backend work to get the tool to work with IE6, a browser that was initiated over a decade ago. Few professional website design companies want to keep supporting IE6, simply because it’s a clunky browser that doesn’t offer the user the best experience.

Even Microsoft, the founder and distributor of IE6, is eager for users to move on and use its newer versions. The technology conglomerate, however, is likely motivated by its desire for users to upgrade to Windows 7, its latest software offering, rather than an outright disdain for its older browser.

Here at DBurns Design, we encourage our clients to utilize newer browsers, like IE 9, Firefox or Chrome. These browsers give users a much more robust experience than IE6. They operate more in line with current web standards, easily showcasing all aspects of professional website design, and they are much more secure than IE6.

That being said, if you engage our professional website design services, we’ll make it so your site functions across all web browsers – even IE6, if you so desire.

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