Get LinkedIn to Really Work for Your Business by Utilizing Its New Features

LinkedIn has proved to be a valuable networking site for professionals across the spectrum of industries. Like a Facebook for professionals, LinkedIn can help you connect with others in your field – people you know and people you can get to know – through the site’s various features. Apart from individual benefits for the professional, LinkedIn’s newest features can really help you maximize the platform of your small business.

Create a Page for Your Company
With LinkedIn’s new Company Pages feature, you can create a dedicated page for your business. Just like an individual social networking page, you can use this page to update others on your company’s latest offerings and news. It’s an easy way to keep the public updated on the happenings of your business, ensuring you stay at the forefront of their minds.

Stay Apprised of Marketplace Buzz on Your Reputation and Your Competitors
With LinkedIn’s beta LinkedIn Signal product, you can search public status updates for specific keywords. It allows a simple method for keeping an eye on your competitors – just search for status updates that feature competitors’ names to see what others are saying about them. It’s also a good way to keep your finger on the pulse of what others are saying about your company.

Learn About Industry Trends
LinkedIn Skills is another way you can be made aware of trends and news in your industry. The tool is straightforward – it simply tracks and measures the rate at which certain skillsets are entered into the site. For example, if you see a rise in professionals in your field entering a particular skill, you’ll know that the industry is starting to trend that way.

Stay on Top of Your Accounts
As LinkedIn is constantly updating their site with new and exciting tools, it can be a valuable resource for your business. You just have to be diligent and stay on top of your accounts. It doesn’t look good to prospective clients and colleagues if your company’s page isn’t updated for weeks on end. It only takes a few minutes a day so make it a priority to put your company’s best face forward on LinkedIn.
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