Queen Latifah’s New Website Launches

When DBurns Design was first approached to build Queen Latifah’s new website, we knew it had to be special and enduring.  There were several areas of her lengthy career with a unique story to depict…the actress, the singer, dancer, spokesperson and model.   Not to mention, the need to maintain and continue to build upon the Queen Latifah worldwide brand online.

Immediately the DBD team created a new placeholder page for the website with an audio player of her latest hit that premiered on American Idol, a link to itunes to download that song, and a fan page sign up while we were building the overall new presence.  As it turned out, the Queen Latifah team loved the essence of the placeholder page and asked us to expand that very design into the five dimensional career and brand of Queen Latifah that we all know and love!  DBurns Design nailed the perfect design carriage on the first try and we have been thrilled to be a part of fostering and maintaining the Queen Latifah brand online!

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