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    The DBurns Design team is comprised of online media marketing specialists who will custom design a full web marketing package to suit your unique needs.

    Online marketing is not one size fits all. For maximum effectiveness, it must be carefully tailored for your target market and your line of business. It must be expertly optimized so that it ranks high on Google searches, and it must encompass the right social media outlets while avoiding the overhead and clutter of online media services you do not need.

    DBurns Design’s years of experience makes us the clear choice for targeted, custom-designed online marking packages. You can expect the following:

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    A website without SEO is a website without a plan for long term traffic! Since SEO is vital to your online marketing strategy, it is engineered into every website we create; but that is only the first step. Based on this foundation, we build a customised, ongoing SEO campaign to actively move your website up in search rankings. SEO is the foundation of media marketing; it opens your site up to an audience of millions.

    But don’t take our word for it. See it for yourself with these real-time results:

    Website Keyword Google Rank
    DBurns Design "Professional Website Design" 1st
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    DBurns Design "Website Design Firm" 1st
    Step 1 Credit "Credit Repair Specialist" 3rd
    Step 1 Credit "Credit Repair Los Angeles" 2nd
    DCDM Law Group "Pasadena Bankruptcy Lawyer" 1st
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    Adopt Help "Adoption California" 2nd
    Adopt Help "Putting Baby Up for Adoption" 1st
    ST8 Creative "Los Angeles Online Marketing" 1st
    ST8 Creative "Santa Monica Online Marketing" 1st
    Ross Halfin "Famous Rock Photography" 2nd
    Ross Halfin "Rock Photographer" 3rd

    Social Media Marketing

    Facebook? Google Plus? Pinterest? Twitter? Instagram? Every time you blink, another social site takes the web by storm. Some are fads. Others will be integral to your marketing strategy. DBurns Design lets you know which social media trends you need and which ones you don’t so that you can remain focused on effectively reaching your target demographic.

    Email Marketing

    If implemented correctly, an e-mail marketing campaign can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. Together we will create an opt-in campaign with many points of entry for building your client list. Then, with ongoing email campaigns, we will keep your list updated. We remain fully engaged in your e-mail marketing campaign. You can expect re-occurring web traffic which translates into sales.

    Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    Sponsored search placement enables businesses to buy top placement on every major search engine and social media platforms. This targeted strategy allows for optimal use of keywords and geography to direct web traffic to your site. We have plenty of experience in creating and managing strong pay-per-click campaigns.

    Conversion Optimization

    A great marketing strategy will get potential clients to your site, but will the website convert them into paying customers once they are there? Conversion optimization greatly increases the chance of turning potential clients into long-term patrons. Ask us how we can make conversion optimization work for you.

    We are one of the top online marketing agencies in the Los Angeles area, where everyone from celebrities to industry leaders demanded expert online marketing services. We have quickly branched out to a global audience on the strength of referrals and demand. Whether we are building a plan for the latest pop star or for an established business that needs more online visibility, each client is exceptional and receives the highest quality of service. Our goal is to give you the online tools you need to achieve your goals.

    With the DBurns Design team on your side, expect results.