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    Planning is easier with a Website Design Agency

    January 2nd, 2014

    On the surface, it may not seem that difficult to create a website. There are after all, ready-made templates that do most of the work for you. But it’s not as easy as it looks, even with one of those do-it-yourself programs. You still have need to decide where everything will go, and where it will look best. As well, creating the website is only the beginning. You still have to attract and keep traffic. A website alone is not a web presence, as any website design agency will tell you. For instance, at Dburns Design we can help you get it going the right way before you start.

    Before building a website, the website design agency can help you understand what the website is for. The simple answer of ‘we want people to image002find us online’ is not good enough. A website is a very important part of your business; it’s more than just an online flyer that lets your customers know basic facts about you. Your website is going to work for you online, and at DBD we can show you how to analyze your business to get a website that works.

    Situational Analysis Understand the role your business will play online. Do a quick analysis to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie. As a business, where are you now and where do you want to go. How can the website help you get there? Talking these things over with a website design agency can help. Together, you can set some reasonable goals and objectives for your site.

    Audience Analysis Who are you trying to attract to your site? How much money do they have, and how much education? What do they like? Lots of flash, or lots of options? What makes them spend money, and where do they usually spend it?

    Audience Behavior Most importantly, what do you want them to do when they get to your site? Are they there to browse, or buy? What will help them come to a decision, and what does your website need to do to bring them to that decision? With all the competition that is out there, a good website design agency has to create a site that works for you.

    When a user clicks on your site, your site has to be ready to give them what they want. And what do they want? If you don’t know, you need a website design agency . DBD can help you understand what customers are going to gain from visiting your site, how will they benefit, and what you can do to make them stay, and buy?

    Planning is just the start of the process. Once the site is planned and built, it needs to be found, used and maintained. It’s a lot of work, a website design agency has specialized knowledge in this area. A website is too important to take a risk with. It is your online presence and online is another world and it’s one that changes fast. If you are busy running your business, you will need a website design agency like (http://www.DBurnsDesign.com/) to manage your online presence.


    Welcome to Los Angeles Website Design

    December 31st, 2013

    When it comes to Los Angeles website design companies, there are many to choose from. Depending on the client’s budget, desires, and website needs, there are many different companies who can meet them. But how do clients know if they are getting the best value for their money or if the company is on the level?

    Los Angeles Website Design is a website design review site. With companies such as D Burns Design, Website Depot, and more we review a dozens of design firms across multiple specialties. All of the company reviews are done by the site editors and the users themselves, which allows viewers to know which companies offer which services and how well they did. All the companies listed on the site are some of the best in the business and viewers can rest assured that they can find the right company for their needs.

    image002Looking for a Los Angeles website design company that does custom web site design? Try Sysnovo or Creative Soda. Looking to create an e-commerce platform for your business? Either Full Impact or Ciplex can get the job done. All the companies listed on our site are tagged with the services that they can offer, making it easier for clients to narrow down their search. Some of our companies have worked for clients in the music and entertainment industries while others specialize in designing sites for small, medium, and start-up businesses. Others offer affordable flash-based website template packages, while others will design custom software and platforms to suit their client’s needs.

    Los Angeles is one of the most competitive cities in the world, with thousands of companies and individuals struggling to reach the top of their fields. With the Internet becoming the main playing field for areas such as networking, ecommerce and marketing. While web entrepreneurs such as Felicia Day and George Takei have shown how parlaying web content creation and social media can create Internet legends, staying at the top of the pile is harder than it sounds. The Internet is responsible for the discovery of many emerging talents, people like Justin Beiber, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, and Carly Rae Jepsen all found fame and fortune on the web. Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and MSN have transformed industries by revolutionizing the way we think of ecommerce. That is why it is important to find the right Los Angeles website design company for your needs. Your website, blog, or Tumblr account is the face that is presented to the world at large, so it is important to find the company that can most accurately project the image that you are trying to present.

    In order to do that, clients need to know what they expect and need out of a website design firm. Are they looking for affordability and quick turnaround or a custom built page with search engine optimized content and a social media presence? Do you want the company to also provide site maintenance and to generate new content or will you be responsible for that yourself? With Los Angeles Website design, you can find the right company with the stroke of a key.

    Opting for a Website Design Firm and whether it’s the Right Choice

    December 30th, 2013

    You know that the time is right for you to snatch up a .com for yourself or your business. Maybe you have never designed a website before or maybe you tried, and well, it just didn’t work out. That’s okay, building a website is hard… a lot harder than it looks. So if you are on the fence about whether or not you should consider hiring a website design firm to help you design your website, here are a few things to consider that might help you to decide on whether working with a website design company may be the right choice.

    What are your Goals for this Website?

    Before you get all excited about determining the best color palette for your webpage and all that other fun stuff, let’s talk about utility. It’s time to sit down and write down the things that you actually need and the bonus things that you would want to get out of your website. Doing this will help you to stay focused on reaching the goals that you are looking to achieve and will also help you to determine whether or not opting for services from a website design firm might be a viable option for you.

    Here are a few more questions to help guide you:

    How will my Clients benefit from this Website?

    If you are a well-established small business with a substantial number of regular clients, all you mawebsite design firm in Californiay need is a basic page with basic information. If you are a service-based company, a tab detailing services available may be invaluable. If you are local retailer, having an online e-shop or shopping cart might be a must-have. Figuring out just how complicated you expect your website will need to be is important in deciding whether or not to get involved with a website design firm.

    How Much Time am I Personally Willing to Invest in Designing my Website?

    Building a website by yourself is time-consuming and tedious. That’s where a website design firm can come in handy since they are paid to handle the time-consuming and tedious stuff. But if you are confident in your abilities to build a website and your abilities to stay focused and self-motivated, building it yourself may be feasible. However, know that even those with the best intentions may discover that their half-built WordPress website is still languishing a year and half later without a hope of being completed.  This also leads into the final and perhaps most important question…

    In General, are Computers my Friends? Or are they my Enemies?

    Be honest. What is your relationship like with technology, and how well do you understand it? Is it something that you embrace and look forward to incorporating and utilizing in your business or do you find it to be a necessary evil? If website design is not your thing, that’s fine, but don’t punish yourself by trying to muscle through a do-it-yourself website platform. If this is the case, it probably time to bite the bullet and find a quality website design firm.

    Personally, I was reluctant to go this route at first, but I did finally decide to stop trying to be a wannabe website design hero and find a website design firm that worked for me, I ended up going with Dburns Design and I am very glad I did.

    A Website Design Company can help you make Your Site Trendy

    December 29th, 2013

    We are being inundated with information in all mediums from print to telemarketing to bulletin boards and street signage to internet.  With this overabundance of information, how can a business stand out in their approach to enticing new customers through advertising? One way is to stand above the crowd in one focused approach – this approach is best determined by the demographics of your clientele.  Many businesses are looking to perfect their social media to maximize their advertising promotion.  Social media today consists of the use of Facebook and twitter for quick information sharing and a solid internet for detailed content.  Hiring a graphic design and/or a website design company may be the most effective way to get the biggest results.

    Here at Dburns Designs, we focus on sharing the latest effective trends for your website design. The excitement of staying ahead of rapidly evolving design and technology developments keeps us energized. We love what we do because we are good at it and enjoy the respect of colleagues, clients and friends who admire our work. The best website design companies are teaming with experienced professionals in design, programming, media and marketing – and we certainly excel in this area.  Located in Santa Monica, California, our proximity to Silicon Beach, center of the Internet start-ups and Hollywood, capital of the film and entertainment industry enables us to be connected to those leading their industries, creating the trends and identifying the next popular approach to anything and everything.

    One of the most important things we offer you as a website design company is the ability to work with you – to take your ideas, your visions and your needs and to create an effective interactive website.  We also specialize in e-commerce, flash multimedia, print graphics and online marketing for those additional requirements.

    Website Design

    Web design company for hireA key product developed by a website design company is a website.  With a focus on site creation that is attractive, interactive and effective as a business tool for promotion and profiling, our website design company will ensure your site is visually appealing, easy to navigate, focuses on your demographic and provides the level of programming required to undertake all aspects such as blogs, forums, online stores, calendars, subscription and contact forms. With any effective website, form follows function.

    There are a number of steps that we as a website design company follow in the development, design and implementation phases of building your website.  First we meet, whether in person or through the use of technology, to strategize with you – to determine what your vision is and what your needs all – all facets of the project.  As part of the design process, we will review new and shifting trends and technologies with you to determine which ones you wish to adapt to your website.

    To get started in bringing your vision to a fruition, contact a website design company you can work with – we will be with you the entire way, ensuring your needs are our central priority.  For more information or to begin your journey, contact Dburns Design at info@dburnsdesign.com.

    A Professional Website Design Agency

    November 28th, 2013

    Finding the right website design agency can make all the difference in your online business presence. There are a lot of things to consider beyond the general appearance of web page. Have you ever visited a site that just seemed completely outdated? The navigation menu was plain and basic, the color scheme looked like a child picked it and there was absolutely no media on the page? One important thing to remember when building a website is that you have to take advantage of the latest and greatest. Keeping up with trends is one of the things that makes you look relevant at first glance.

    Incorporate visual media: Using video on your website is a great way to utilize available tech. This video can be an advertisement, a funny skit or a relevant repost from YouTube. Video engages users and is an easy way to get a sales pitch across or otherwise inform readers about your product, service or work. A website design agency can format things correctly and ensure the video files do not become broken or inaccessible.

    Tie into Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are major social media outlets that have millions of people tapping into them every hour. A good website design agency will help you incorporate these outlets into your website. By allowing visitors to Tweet or Pin and Share information from your website, a network of links leading back to you get spread across the internet. This is the perfect way to net consumers who aren’t directly searching for you, your product or your service.

    Accessible across platforms: Users no longer sit at a desktop or laptop computer exclusively to surf the web. In fact, many users surf via their smartphones or tablets, which are much easier to transport and far less cumbersome. The ability to incorporate these devices on the go by tossing them into a purse or backpack is one reason they are the devices of choice for many. Due to this, you want to make sure your website design agency makes your website friendly with mobile device platforms. You want videos, pictures and navigation to run smoothly, no matter which device is accessing your website.

    web design agency

    Other benefits of using a website design agency include access to a versatile team who can manage every aspect of your website. Freelance designers may save you a buck or give you a discounted rate but they often aren’t accountable for their work after the fact. It can be difficult to nail them down in future for updates or site repairs which can become quite a hassle.

    Choosing a great website design agency like ours is the best way to guarantee service and results. We take our jobs seriously and word-of-mouth is a big part of our business. If you aren’t satisfied we’ll work hard to exceed your expectations and we’ll be there throughout to ensure your website stays current. We live in an online world and maintaining that world is important for your business and customers. Visit us online today at http://www.dburnsdesign.com/ to learn more about our business.

    Expanding the Team at Your Website Design Firm

    November 27th, 2013

    Website design firms are seeing an increase in demand for their business, as more and more people require a website. It’s not only large and small businesses that require a website to market themselves anymore; municipalities, individual government agencies, independent contractors, freelance workers, and many others require websites as well. Needless to say, business is booming for those who design websites. One hand, this is a great thing for the industry overall, but on the other, it means that more and more design firms are popping up, making it a more difficult industry to compete in. If you want to give your website design firm a competitive edge, it’s important that your service offerings go beyond the basics. Many design firms have begun hiring marketing experts, public relations professionals, and a copywriting team to extend their services beyond just basic design.

    It is getting difficult for a website design firm to operate with only a few employees whose only skills are developing websites. Most clients want more than just the website; they also want content provided for the site, and possibly someone to regularly update their website. They also want someone who can help them turn their website from a stagnant informational outlet to an active, vibrant, marketing device. This requires marketing expertise beyond what the average website designer can offer.

    web design firm in LAIt is crucial that you expand the team at your website design firm to include a marketing expert and a copywriter. Even if you design the best, most responsive, and most user friendly websites in the world, that’s still only a small piece of what your clients are looking for. Some clients might be willing to provide their own site content, and others will already have a marketing department that can mobilize the site to increase their web and marketing presence, but you can’t count on that. Not every client will have those luxuries. Even the ones that do will feel more comfortable knowing that you have experts on your team who will help guide the design process of the site to ensure it will be compatible with content and marketing needs. You can’t expect your clients to be directly involved in the design process, but you can include members of your marketing and copy writing team to make sure the design will accommodate marketing and content needs. Having these experts on hand at your website design firm will make your design work so much better.

    A well-designed website is an important thing for any company or business entity to have, but a solid design isn’t enough for the website to properly serve as a marketing tool. A website needs to provide engaging content that is detectable by search engines in order to draw customers in. It also has to effectively market your products and services and provide your customers a way to engage with you. Hiring marketing experts and copywriters at your website design firm will help you to provide your clients with a more complete product so that they can market their business.

    What to Look for When Choosing a Los Angeles Web Design team

    November 26th, 2013

    Conducting business in Los Angeles can be an exciting venture: whether you are in the retail industry, commerce, automotive or offer professional services. You need to be abreast of current market trends, know how to communicate to your audience and understand how to use technology to reach out to your potential clients. Whether you are computer-savvy or not: the Web is a huge part of today’s business world, so you want to make sure your business is well represented online. If your business does not have a website yet, you are in dire need of some web design help! If you are thinking about building a website, hiring the right Los Angeles web design team to handle this project can be that critical factor between online success and failure. Therefore, there are a number of factors that should be considered, here are some things to think about:

    1. Experience: When sifting through Los Angeles web design teams, the most important factor to consider is how long the agency has been conducting business and what type of projects they have worked on. There are many models for websites, and it would be advantageous for you and your business to go with a firm that has had past experience with a similar client. This will help lead to a better end product, simply because the designer will understand your audience, know what options there are, and ask the right questions.

    2. Portfolio: It is vital to peruse through a Los Angeles web design teams’ portfolio. A website company’s work will most often speak for itselfweb designing team in LA. The portfolio will show you what styles the company can deliver and what type of features to expect in their page designs.

    3. References: Ask for their client references. Who better to talk to then current and past clients? A website is a huge investment for you and your business, and you want to be sure you know what others are saying about the Los Angeles web design firm you choose.

    4. Availability: If you know when you need your website to go live, make sure the Los Angeles web design team you proceed with will be available to meet your deadline. If they have many projects at once, ensure they will prioritize your project and meet the timeline requirements.

    5. Flexibility: You also want a Los Angeles web design team to be flexible and accommodating to you. If you know you want many designs or may change your mind in the middle of the project as to what direction you want to go, make sure they are aware of this. Developers may require more or less money depending on the flexibility you need.

    If you are looking for a professional, cutting-edge, experienced Los Angeles web design team, look no further! Dburns Design team specializes in web design, programming, media and marketing. Their approach is from the inside out. They listen carefully and expand your initial idea into creative options for your selection. Because they have led many clients through this detailed development process, they are able to present concepts within your means that you have not yet imagined. For more information, visit us today.

    The Benefits of a Website Design Company: 10 Reasons not to Create Your Website Yourself

    November 25th, 2013

    If you want to get more customers and build your business online, don’t create your own website. Hire a website design company to do it for you. Why you ask? Because if hiring website design companyyou’re not a designer, or more importantly web savvy, you run the risk of making some serious, and costly mistakes.

    A website design company has a team of experts who are not only experienced in design and programming, but marketing and media as well. All of these factors work together to create a successful website.

    Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t build your own website and all the benefits you get hiring a website design company.

    1. The internet is a world of its own, and if you don’t know about search engine optimization (SEO), or online marketing, your website may never be found.

    2. For the search engines like Google to know you exist so people can find you, your website design needs to keep up with technological developments, and ever-changing design trends.

    3. As I mentioned earlier, a website design company has a team of professionals. It’s true that two heads are better than one, so it takes more than one expert to take charge of each step in the design process.

    4. A website design company has more combined experience, than a one person show who works out their basement. And each team member is an expert in the main categories required for a successful website.

    5. A web design company has graphic designers experienced with new trends including design programs and vector graphics to create logos, or corporate images, as well as print media.

    6. If your website can’t fully function on mobile devices, you will miss out on a lot business.

    7. Software development such as database applications, web-based projects and data mining are imperative to keep up with industry trends.

    8. A website needs a lot of well-written engaging content. At first to explain the core areas of your website, such as your products, services, about and home page. After the creation of your website, you need a blog to keep your customers updated with news and information about your company. Fresh content is also good for your SEO. Although most business owners think they can write their own content, this often isn’t the case.

    9. Along with content, you need a search engine marketing plan. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and a website design company has experts who understand this. As well as social networking, link building, and video or photo marketing.

    10. What about after you build your website, how are you going to take care of it? What happens if your website goes offline, do you know what to do? A website design company also offers web maintenance and management services.

    As you can see, there are a lot more components to building a website than just throwing a few things together, and posting it to the internet. In fact, this article hasn’t include everything involved. This is why it’s worth it to hire a website design company to create it for you.

    5 techniques that can help you refine your website’s desktop appeal

    September 19th, 2013

    The amount of different platforms we can design for increases every day. When we think we’ve gotten a grasp on a specific mobile device, everything changes again. Mobile-friendly websites are important to the success of a site and developers and designers should aim to become familiar with all platforms. In our quest to become accessible to everyone, we neglect our oldest, and most-used platform—the desktop.

    Here are five tactics you can use to upgrade your website for desktop users:

    1) Rollover animations can reinforce the tone of your website
    Rollover animation gives designers an extra opportunity to emphasize the website’s overall look and feel. Rollover animations not only look good, but it gives your users a useful UX-based interaction. Mobile browsers don’t support rollovers. It’s only a matter of time before this “endangered species” becomes extinct.
    Rollovers should feature a strong visual cue, give hints, and signal an important interaction. Don’t use them for every link on your website.

    2) Atmospheric animations can add life to your website
    Various forms of animation are supported by most major browsers. Why not implement a spinning globe, smoke rising from a fire, or leaves blowing in the wind if you can? You can make your animations as simple as an embedded looping video or as complicated as a WebGL landscape. These animations are subtle and they actively engage your users.
    Too much of a good thing is almost always bad. Keep animations in moderation. Not everything needs to flash, move, blink, or dance. Be aware of the load time, the user’s processor, and make sure to kill the animations when a section of the page isn’t the focus.

    3) Drag and drop allows designers to simplify critical user interactions
    The HTML5 drag and drop function is becoming more and more preferred to Flash’s. Drag and drop simplifies interactions that would be cumbersome to complete, like navigating a map or reordering your to-do list.
    Users can become frustrated when dragging and dropping isn’t the evident interaction. You should always provide an alternate way for the user to interact with the content.

    4) Right-click context menus provide users with hidden navigation
    Right now, right-click context menus aren’t fully supported by most browsers. However, it’s easy enough to enable with JavaScript. Right-click context menus are great because they give the user more options.

    5) SVG is compatible with all platforms
    There are many benefits to vector graphics. It’s smaller than its raster counterparts, it’s supported by all platforms, and it scales well. Most browsers support both SVG fonts and Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language that allows you to animate your SVG elements. SVG can make your designs more efficient. They’ll look good across all devices.
    The desktop experience is just as important as the mobile experience. We can continue to push the boundaries of what we want the internet to be.

    8 steps to effectively redesign a website

    September 13th, 2013

    After being assigned to redesign an existing website, most designers prefer to start with a clean blank slate. When a designer starts from scratch, they run the risk of losing key elements that add a positive contribution to the website as a whole. Designers should heavily review the website before redesigning to ensure they not only protect the client’s ability to access and amend the site, but to keep certain aspects of the brand’s image intact.

    Here are some steps that can help you evaluate a site before you redevelop it and fight the temptation to scrap the existing website as a whole:

    The client-side

    1). Does the client want a different CMS?
    Non-technical people get too comfortable with their way of “getting things done,” no matter how inefficient or outdated it might be. If a website is old, it’s probably using an outdated CMS. Would you be able to show the client that a new CMS can help them get things done faster, make their lives easier, the website better, or save them money?

    2). Can the server support your design?
    In many cases, you may not have an environment that supports your language of choice. For example, you might want to use PHP but your client’s host runs .NET. You might have to discuss moving the site elsewhere. You might also find that your client’s IT department dictates these things and the entire thing is out of your control.

    3). Will your technical solution save the client money?
    The client is looking to get a return on their investment. Your design is a “technical solution” and it needs to solve a problem. If you can’t solve the problem or improve on their current website on some level, then you have to be able to make the call whether the changes you need to make are actually worth their while. It’s okay to say, “I’m sorry, I’d love to do that, but I’m unfamiliar with PHP…”

    4). How much legacy data does the client have?
    A large-directory type site can have an overwhelming amount of data. A manufacturer, a tool company, or any type of company that sells small parts, could have thousands of items that they have built up over time. You have to account for this data in your new design. Sometimes, the client is happy to hire someone to do data entry for a few months to accomplish this goal. In other cases, you’ll have to try to work with the old data or suggest another plan of attack that works within their budget.
    The tech-side

    5). Review the site’s architecture and user interface
    In the past, all designers were told to design above the fold. Everything was about the fold. Bad design involved all designs that required the user to scroll down. That isn’t the case anymore. Good design is geared for your specific user. Evaluate the key demographics that the site will target. Do most users access the site through a mobile device? Do the majority still use IE7? Use Google analytics to help you figure this out.

    6). Access to source files for compiled solutions
    Most designers hope that a client was provided with the code and resources that were used to build the site. However, that’s not often the case. Try to see if anyone has access to the source files.
    Don’t forget about critical information in the existing site, like Google Analytics or metadata. The site might be the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen, but it might be doing really well with search engine optimization. You don’t want your redesign to mess up anything “good” the existing website has going for it.

    The design-side

    7). Adhere to the brand’s image
    Websites that belong to a global brand will have specific guidelines. Some companies are more flexible than others. Even small websites might have guidelines that you need to work around. You should always abide by these rules.

    8). Is there anything worth salvaging?
    There’s no point in getting rid of something for the sake of it. If the site contains great images, there’s no reason you should trash it. Recognize good design when you can, develop it, and make it even better than it was before.